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View Full Version : DENIED - LFM for Cataclysm

28-09-2010, 06:54 PM
New expansion pack = fresh recruitment drive.

DENIED has been around a long time in various forms. The most notable form was Radient Moon (THE guild with the spelling mistake) in Vanilla WoW.This guild formed part of the WARD raid alliance alongside Wave of Heroes, Dawn of Lightning and Aesir Descendants. It successfully raided MC/BWL/AQ20/ZG and made inroads into AQ40 with a minor Naxx detour along the way (2 pieces of trash loot FTW !). Fast foward to TBC and DENIED was born in an effort to "go it alone". In TBC all content was cleared up to the Sunwell (only 1 warglaive drop) and inroads were even made in that instance. In WOTLK the raiding continued to be successful, Naxx fell, OS was done with 3D and Ulduar was conquered then a new chapter began for various reasons. This involved a refocus on what is fun in the game AND moving to 10 man raiding. Since January 2010 when this occured we have cleared all current content and have made inroads into ICC heroic modes (7/12) and are also 4/5 in ToGC10.

We are by no means hardcore but we do have a mix of focused raiders and casual raiders which means our progression will never be cuttin edge BUT we will have some fun achieving whatever we do actually achieve. In other words if you are looking for a hardcore environment then DENIED won't be for you. However if you are looking for a cosy place where you can raid, level alts and generally have fun then maybe just maybe you might want to consider us.

We are currently looking for more like minded people to bolster the guild ranks and join our casual raid team. We expect people to pull their weight (no "ZOMG gief purples" here please esp if you are decked out in your hard earned questing greens) and contribute to the guild in some way, be it helping others with trade skills or even just sharing a titbit of knowledge. Know it alls also need not apply ;)

Current needs are potentially thus (but as stated elsewhere if you like the sound of us don't let the below put you off !!!!) :

TANKS x 2 :
DK (see below)


DK (dual spec tank would be lovely)

RANGED x 3 :

We do not need any more paladins of any kind at present.

The above is only a guideline and anyone is welcome to pop along to our new website or catch us in game. We cannot promise or indeed guarantee a raid spot but the above classes are where we are thin (or have none in the case of DK's believe it or not ! ) and could potentially fit people into some kind of raiding rotation.

In game look for :


or /who Denied and I am sure someone will point you in the right direction !

Click DENIED (http://deniedshadowsong.guildlaunch.com) if you would like to apply, please follow the link on the top left of our webpage. It requires you to make a guildlaunch account and and then submit an application which we will reply to either ingame or via the forum > Applying to denied.

04-10-2010, 11:34 PM
6/12 ICC 10 Heroic after tonight FYI :)

10-10-2010, 09:50 PM
7/12 Heroic now :)