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View Full Version : Imp. my DPS

15-09-2010, 09:00 AM
Yeah another alt.

I spent ages playing the Paladin and pretty much got that down to a T, but I got somewhat bored of tanking and wanted to try something else. I leveled a gnoam then transfered him to the Horde; he's now a gurl orcy!


DPS is sitting around 3-4k but I want to get it up. My current fight rotation is get S&D running, then work for combos 4/5 points and pop Evis. I run Blade Flurry when it's available (unless it's on quick dying trash) and Adren. Rush, again when it's available, but try and time them both to be available for boss fights. Fan of knives if run on trash, along with Killing Spree when it's available on trash/bosses. My trinket is bound to SS and the orc racial, until I find a better trinket, is bound to S&D. I'm currently in partial PvP gear after last night but I have the Garona shoulders and helm for the 4 set bonus.

Suggestions would be welcomed.


15-09-2010, 10:52 AM
With the gear you currently have, especially with the 2-piece set bonus, you're still at the stage where running a rupture cycle is useful (not so much on little trash but definitely on bigger trash and bosses). Basically treat rupture like you do s&d - keep it up as much as possible, but s&d takes proirity still so it'd be:
s&d > 4/5pt rupt > 4/5pt evis

Not worth doing a less than 4pt rupture because the damages is less per unit of time than 4+.

Gem-wise you *might* be better stacking attack power gems instead of agility, but I honestly can't remember what the break points for each is. Rawr might help indicate there as the spreadsheets are mostly too far ahead of your gear point at this stage.

Other than that, I've found that doing a 2pt s&d to get things going ramps up the dps a lot better than a 5pt straight off. If you were running a high rupture cycle, it'd go something like this:

2pt s&d - 4/5pt rupt (depending on how close s&d is to dropping) - 5pt s&d - 4/5pt evis unless either s&d or rupture is about to drop.

If it's about to drop, any point s&d is fine, just 5pt is optimum for getting other things in. Pop Killing Spree whenever you can, but if you have the chance to couple it with Blade Flurry, even better.

I'm not working rupture into my cycles now because it' not optimum with my gear, but as an example, for Saurfang my rotation is:

2pt s&d, tricks the tank, hit blade flurry and killing spree, 5pt s&d, 5pt eviscerates until s&d needs refreshing. Tricks popped every time it's up (2-piece t10 set bonus - it gives you energy) and KS popped every time it's up and there's no beasts up or about to appear, coupled with Blade Flurry when it's back up. Adrenaline rush popped after first evis usually as that's when combo point generation starts to suffer from button spam!

With that I was doing around 5-7k with your level of gear and getting into T10, now I'm doing 10-14k depending on raid buffs.

Also for ICC - Blade Flurry + FoK + Adrenaline Rush and then Killing Spree on the large trash pack going up into the plague quarter = everyone in raid going "omg! nerf rogues!" :D

16-09-2010, 09:23 AM
I've started working with you suggested but the DPS is still around 3-4k. I can do similar DPS to someone who has much better gear than myself and in some cases beat them by quite a bit on boss fights. I may move my gems around and try for the AP option see how it goes.

Standard pugs I'm easily top DPS, beating the living daylights out of similar geared DKs, although anyone with an ounce of ability will likely beat me. I'm not too fussed about topping the metres really, so long as I can do my job well and do it right.

It's my first run to ICC10 this Friday, that's if I'm picked, see how I get on in there.

Anyway thanks for the ideas, I put them into practice last night and will work with them!