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View Full Version : (H) GDKP Run, ICC-25 HC, Thursday Sept 16th @ 20:00-00:00

10-09-2010, 11:38 PM
Tainted will once again be running a GDKP raid on Thursday. We already have a lot of regulars but often we only get 20-23 or so sign up so there are spots available. Any class, any spec, doesn't matter. We can adjust if we need to fit people in.

Our first run last week full cleared ICC (Inc LK) in 3.5 hours with 9/12 kills on Heroic. We generated a pot of 90k, or about 3.5k per player. Typically our pots will be lower than you might see on other GDKP runs as most of us have a lot of 277 gear so there isn't a ton of competition for regular stuff. That also means you can pick up gear quite cheap sometimes!

F.A.Q. (Blatantly copy/pasted from Ring0's post).

What is a GDKP / Gold Run?
Can't be bothered looking? Bid for drops with gold, then the gold gets split between everyone at the end.

How much do I need to bring?
It depends on what your aims are. Are you joining with a low geared alt to buy lots of items? Then bring lots of gold! Are you a well geared main who wants to EARN lots of gold? Then don't bring any.

How much do items cost?
Minimum bid for boss items: 1000g
Minimum raise on epic items: 200g

You can expect the sought after items to go for considerably more than minimum bids though.

What gear level do I need?
There are basically three type of people who will be coming to the raid:

Those coming to earn gold by carrying everyone else. You need a mix of 264/277 (t10) level gear.
Those who want some specific items, but are decently geared. You need average 264 level gear and a minimum of 10,000 gold to throw around, more being better.
Those who have lots of gold and want to buy lots of stuff. you should have mostly 264 gear, with some 251 items being ok, and over 30,000 gold to spend.

What else do I need to know?
- There will probably be some wipes. Sometimes HC Saurfang or LDW don't go down easily. Don't come if you aren't prepared to wipe occasionally.
- Be prepared. We will provide Feasts, but we expect all raiders to be flasked for the duration of the raid.
- Be able to raid from 20:00 to 00:00 server time. We typically invite at 19:45 or so, so be online then if you want a spot.
- Be able to listen on Vent.

Okay, how do I signup!
Just reply to this post with the following details:

Character Name: <name>
Class & Role: <class> <role>
Avg level gear: <ilvl(X) / t(X)>
Gold willing to spend: <amount>

You can also express your interest to Faytul/Angwish or Kentoy in game, but you should still sign here as well.


10-09-2010, 11:58 PM
Character Name: Infenity
Class & Role: Unholy DK
Avg level gear: 264
Gold willing to spend: 20k

Character Name: Irkalaw
Class & Role: Holy paladin
Avg level gear: 264
Gold willing to spend: 20k

13-09-2010, 05:50 PM
Character Name: Ranged
Class & Role: Hunter
Avg level gear:258
Gold willing to spend: 20k

14-09-2010, 06:26 AM
Tentative sign, depending on main raid.

Character name: Hexxe
Class & Role: Disc/Shadow Priest
Average ilevel: 251/264
Gold willing to spend: 200k

14-09-2010, 07:21 AM
Character Name: Sargeron
Class & Role: Mage
Avg level gear: 251 / 264
Gold willing to spend: 10k+

15-09-2010, 05:49 PM
Character Name: Mangor
Class & Role: Holy, Healer
Avg level gear: 264
Gold willing to spend: 15+

16-09-2010, 06:20 AM
Character Name: Muntah
Class & Role: Shadow Priest
Avg level gear: 251/264
Gold willing to spend: 20k+

16-09-2010, 07:14 AM
Character Name: Distinction
Class & Role: Druid Tank / Healer
Avg level gear: 264 (tank gear) 251/264 (Healing gear)
Gold willing to spend: 10k

Also if druid wont fit there is a Holy / Shadow Priest possibility Same gear lvl and its also my "Main"

16-09-2010, 07:31 AM
Character Name: Grguch
Class & Role: Warrior Fury / Tank
Avg level gear: 251/264 on both, would prefer Fury.
Gold willing to spend: 10k+

16-09-2010, 03:01 PM
Character Name: Nessiť
Class & Role: Disc Priest Healer
Avg level gear: 251 / 264
Gold willing to spend: 15k+

Character Name: Kebora
Class & Role: Arcane Mage Dps
Avg level gear: 251/264
Gold willing to spend: 15k+