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View Full Version : Ararat (10 man guild) is recruiting.

06-09-2010, 03:56 AM
About Ararat:

Ararat is a recently formed 10 man only guild, aiming for progress in Cataclysm, and trying to clear current 10 man hc content in the few months we have left untill Cata.

We raid on wednesday, thursday and monday: 20.30 - 23.30 server time.

Current progress:

ICC10: Cleared
ICC10hc: 11/12 + Glory of the icecrown raider
RS10: Cleared
RS10hc: Unchallenged

Check http://ararat-guild.de.vu for recruitstatus.

Exceptional and dedicated players of most classes/roles will be considered! We are currently running 2 raidgroups (both focussing on ICC10hc modes).

We offer:

A nice social environment with skilled players and a hardcore attitude inside our raids: Disciplined, but with a lot of good laughs on vent.

We expect:

A decent Attendance (essential for a small 10 man guild).
Be geared/skilled for all bosses ICC10hc, know the tactics and know how to play ur class. We expect you to keep up with the gamelvl of our members (sorry, we are not a wowschool).
Ofcourse be fully enchanted/gemmed, Flasked and well fed upon pull and have Vent 3.

*Dont come looking for a Kingslayer title, we only aim for heroic modes atm!

Applications can be made on: http://ararat-guild.de.vu (http://ararat-guild.de.vu)

Check out our website for more info! For any additional questions; just throw Jubalo or Kromp an ingame /w.

May your mounts always be swift...
May your pets always be fed...
May the gods keep the Goblins on Kalimdor,
and the (wo)men in our beds.

08-09-2010, 02:18 AM
hmm, soz bout missing [A]

When I posted this I was half asleep and ofc it bugged on first post... Had to rewrite the whole thing and then ofc forgot to add the [A] to title... Seems im unable to fix it :(

12-09-2010, 05:18 AM

14-09-2010, 12:05 AM
Updated recruitstatus 14/09/'10

15-09-2010, 05:45 AM

16-09-2010, 07:29 AM
Updated recruitstatus

20-09-2010, 06:05 PM
Hmmm, thinking of joining alliance again, want/need a DK dps or SP? Prefer DK. Ask Gorsch who I am if u wonder :)

21-09-2010, 08:27 PM
I think i know who you are... Wardwarf?

U'r more then welcome m8, on both classes, but I think we got more room for a caster then melee atm (unless ur DK can also tank? A tank we could use).

Ofc everything will change when cata comes. Peeps will reroll etc.

24-09-2010, 09:44 PM
updated recruitstatus*

28-09-2010, 02:57 AM
recruit status update 28/09/'10

28-09-2010, 06:50 AM
Sold my Mac so will be offline for some weeks until my new one arrive. Sorry for the trouble, but I just had it with the crappy specc it had. Need more FPS......

05-10-2010, 03:55 AM

13-10-2010, 11:44 AM
We got a New website aswell.



25-10-2010, 10:57 AM
Edited 25/10; New homepage!

01-11-2010, 02:57 PM
For clarification.. http://ararat-guild.de.vu relinks to ararat.schlabbelapasne.de
So no scam behind that or whatever

17-11-2010, 10:52 PM

Recruiting a Shaman, a holy Paladin and a Mage for Cataclysm raid progression.
Bring motivation, a thick skin and a welcome caek!

-> http://ararat-guild.de.vu

30-11-2010, 12:14 PM

Now looking for 1 Feral Tank.
-> http://ararat-guild.de.vu/