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View Full Version : [A] Friday 10th September: ICC25 PuG run.

04-09-2010, 11:27 PM
I will be creating an Alliance ICC25 run on Friday, 10th September. We will be aiming for 11 bosses, possibly with a few on heroic, depending on how impressive the raid is.

Invites: 20:00
Raid start: 20:15
Raid end: 00:00 or whenever we run out of bosses.

In order to be taken into consideration for my run, please post here with the following details:

Name, class, spec of the toon you wish to come with
Current progress through ICC
Average ilvl of gear

It is also required that you be able to log on to the SSE ventrilo server (details can be linked in raidchat if needed). It is preferred that you can also speak, but far from mandatory.

Loot will be handled by the /roll with MS>OS>DE. BoE is MS>RR. Common sense will also be used however (Agi for Agi users, etc.)

Confirms will be done on the Thursday night/Friday afternoon. Those confirmed for this run will be listed here and invited via calendar. If, for whatever reason, interest isnt high enough to fill all spaces, I will spam trade for the last few spots.

If you have any questions, feel free to PM me ingame.

05-09-2010, 10:14 AM
Magêstic, Mage, Arcane/Fire
ICC10 12/12 (11/12 hc); ICC25 12/12 (4/12 hc)

Manbearpîg, Druid, Resto
ICC10 11/12 (8/12 hc); ICC25 5/12 (1/12 hc)

06-09-2010, 11:09 AM
I'll level myself another alt an attend this run :p

06-09-2010, 01:09 PM
count me in ^^


06-09-2010, 09:27 PM
Gogo Shinsou! :D

Apologies Sejucera, but its an ally run :P

07-09-2010, 10:58 AM
dk - MS tank, os DPS (both gears avg item lvl 264-266)
Experience (11/12 hc on fury warrior, 25man and bane of fallen king on hunter)

I am collecting shadowfrost shards, pls consider me in ONLY if i am the only one on it:)

10-09-2010, 03:28 PM
Interest was way too low, so im going to cancel now :(
Thanks to everyone who was interested, il try again another time :)