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View Full Version : ICC 25 3 september 20 ST

02-09-2010, 06:29 PM
Hi all,

Im making a 25 man icc run for friday 3 september aswell.

To join the raid u need to:
-have achivement of atleast 8 25 man or Ks 10 man and some on 25.
-be able to join SSE vent
-be able to raid from 20-24(atleast)

Lootrules are simple:Rolls
MS>OS ms is the role u joined as.

Let me know here if u interested.
Say what role and link armory.
When u got accepted there will be an invite on calender.

Need few more melee: retri pala and dps warriors and 3-4 healers ( pala druid holy priest)

Forgot to mention in subject this is for Horde