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View Full Version : [A] Last Hope reformed need raiders

04-08-2010, 10:57 PM
Now this is posted as my mage (Mickas since I am currently not beeing able to get into the guild on Decision (my pala) for now I will invite on my mage)

Hello Shadowsong, <Last Hope> is a recently reformed guild that is currently aiming to become a 10 man casual raiding guild with the goal to see and kill the Lich King before the release of Cataclysm.

We would love to have more members to our guild that are ICC ready

What we need is:



We dont care about GS since it has infected our poor server and is driving people mad. We relay on gearchecks, we always aim to gear up the lowest geared person, but we do want to gear up our best people too, if we do ICC we will maybe bring 8 that is used to the instance and 2 that are new so that they may be able to get pugs if they are not invited to the guild raid :)

Our raid times is Fridays and Saturdays 20.00-00.00 (ICC progression only)
and a random raid day is Mondays 20.00 - 22.00

We dont wish to have people that are beeing A**holes or saying people in the guild suck balls or anything we want a friendly community that wants to progress and down the Lich King


If you are intrested in joining send a application to LS12_ac-web@hotmail.com or contact Mickas ingame for an invite :)

the things you need to include in your application is

Experiance in ICC
Toon Name
Armory Link
Why do you want to join?


Thx and have a nice day :D