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View Full Version : >A< Soulriders of the felwen

22-07-2010, 06:18 PM
Soulriders are recruiting!!

We are one of Shadowsong's oldest and most established guilds, raiding since the end of 2005, clearing up to AND including Twin Emps in AQ before TBC.
The Xpac saw Kara drama, before Grull, SSC and TK - finishing with Downing Kael a few weeks before atunements were dropped. Mt Hyjal and BT followed before the pre-Xpac nerf, then a few bosses in Sunwell.
So far in WOTLK we've cleared Naxx, Ulduar, ToC, ICC and Ruby Sanctum (25man realm first). We are currently working on heroic mode ICC with just Lady Deathwhisper, Professor Putricide, Sindrigosa and The Lich King to kill.

We are a semi hardcore guild and raid 3 times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday) and we ask for a 2 raid a week (or more) attendance. We are currently looking for mature minded and reliable players of the following classes
Druid (Boomkin)

You must also have a decent level of gear as we are focusing on heroics right now. Applications can be made to our website - http://www.soulriders.eu

thankyou for your time


29-07-2010, 10:33 PM
bumping up

03-08-2010, 10:25 PM
bump - still looking