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View Full Version : [A] <DLOA is recruiting> 11/12

25-06-2010, 01:15 PM
Dragon lords of Azeroth
[/URL]Raiding Schedule: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday
Faction: Alliance
Progress: 11/12 ICC 1/1 Halion
Accepting all classes and specs

What our Guild can offer:

* A relaxed, fun and semi-harcore raiding environment
* Adult, mature players to interact with
* A great sense of community and belonging

Ideal Candidates:

* Are mature, over 18 years
* Possess a working microphone/ventrilo and are not afraid to use it
* Possess a stable internet connection and a raid capable computer that will not explode
* Skilled Player – Skilled in the class that you play
* Excellent Attitude – No negativity. A positive personality that synchronizes with the rest of the guild is an asset

UI Requirements:
Omen threat metre
Deadly boss mods/ Bigwigs
CTRaid assist
Decursive if applicable

How to contact us?:
* Ingame contact Alexlion, Kali or Dareon
* Apply at our site at [URL="http://www.dloa.org"]www.dloa.org (http://www.dloa.org)