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View Full Version : Reflection needs YOU!

31-05-2010, 12:44 PM
Reflection, a core 10 man raiding guild are seeking more experienced members to help our ranks. Currently 11/12 in ICC 10 - soon hoping to be doing hard modes.

We're a group of people, mainly from Grand Unification which unforunately disbanded a few weeks ago.

So if you're looking for a group of people that're easy to get along with, can have a laugh but also get some serious progress made at the same time, then Reflection is the guild for you!

Currently in need of all classes.

We raid Thursday, Sunday and Monday evening everyweek from 18:45 - 22:00 server time.

If you're interested, please apply on our site: www.Reflection.guildportal.com (http://www.Reflection.guildportal.com)

Or whisper any of the following officers ingame: Frostelf, Braintax, Truestab, Akronimia.