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View Full Version : Shadow and Patch 3.3

15-05-2010, 02:13 AM
Hey all, I was wondering, before 3.3, how many of you had given up on playing shadowpriests as they were nerfed (badly) to beyond the point where it was impossible to do more then 3.3k in totc10. When 3.3 came out, without changing a single item, the massive buff that haste got increased my dps to 4.8k. I know alot of priests from my old realm on Al'Akir had stopped playing them and levelled other characters. It's a shame cuz shadowpriests have a big part to play now and I regularly top dps in raids. I'm 6.4k now on the hc dummy in IF and alot more in raids and I no longer suck at single targets. SP is still king over haste so its interesting to see shadowpriests going around stacking haste. Maybe stack Reckless Ametrine if you want a socket bonus of 7/9sp. Well I would like to hear more from other shadowpriests on ShadowSong, what addons your using and maybe a print screen of your interface because I'll be damned if I'm happy with my setup atm. I guess you could say that the above means I'm loving playing my priest again.