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View Full Version : The Corleones are Recruiting

11-05-2010, 10:43 AM
The Corleones are recruiting!!

Catacylsm is on its way, and with that, an opportunity. An opportunity to seek new challenges with new people and an opportunity to seek out a guild that says what it means and means what it says.

You may have searched for a guild that seeks quality players, but also respects the needs of real life commitments. You may have joined "casual raiding guilds" only to be kicked when you had to be absent for a raid.

We are looking for new members. Members that work individually and independently to improve their character both in gear, playstyle, and knowledge about class mechanics. Members that respond to feedback, and have personal goals of wanting to enjoy World of Warcraft, being prepared to help other guild mates, but the maturity of understanding when help is just not available and be willing to look outside the guild where need be.

In short, The Corleones are a casual raiding guild. Casual in schedule, but not casual in what we expect and cultivate in our members.

At this time, we are recruiting the following classes to solidify our daily online average to continue to tackle 10-man content in Northrend. If you are looking for an opportunity, now is the time, and Corleones is the place.

As a new guild to the Shadowsong Server we understand that we have a reputation to build - the guild may be new, but those running things are not we have Officers with in excess of 5 years experience of playing on both the EU and US servers.

We are currently recruiting all classes.

If you are interested in speaking to someone more in person, speak with either Doriangrey or Dreamsdesire who are in charged of recruitment. Alternatively feel free to message any of the Officers of The Corleones. Alternatively you can visit our website at http://www.thecorleones.mmoguildsites.com

Remember we look for all our members to foster an enviornment to improve personal skills. This includes class knowledge, maintenance and care of gear, raid performance, situational awareness, communication, and social cohesion. However, with the Corleones you will never have to do this alone. We will support you, we will give you advice where requested but we will never forget that you have a real life and that takes priority. Our main aim is to have fun - so why don't you come and have fun with us.

11-05-2010, 05:05 PM
Well Mr Marshmallow. Their are repurcussions to one's actions. Remember that random WSG you and Yoissi were in? You spent the entire match acting like pathetic little children and trolling. I see Mr Mallow you are the GM of . So people, if you want to join this kid's guild, do so with great caution! Immature GM's don't usually last long on a server, oh, I see you re-rolled on Shadowsong recentley. Let the public do the math. Ciao for now bambinos! Cyclone BG Farseer

11-05-2010, 05:36 PM
Back on topic I would also like to add that we are currently recruiting three dps, and one healer with a dps offspec for ICC 10 to complete our core group. We would prefer 2 caster dps, 1 hunter, and possibly a resto shaman with elemental offspec.

We are a mature guild (most of our members are late 20's or early 30's) who integrate social aspects, voice chat and enjoyment with our raids so unfortunately applicants under 18 will not be considered for membership.

This guild is being formed on the ethos that it is only a game, girlfriends, work, beer and real life issues will always take priority. Hardcore players are welcome to play the game in the method of their choosing, as are we. All our members enjoy this particular game as a stress release mechanism, and simply do not want drama of any kind, as they have enough of it allready in their own lives.

Non raiders who are seeking a social guild, and raiders who may not be able to adhere to a fixed schedule are also welcome to apply.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me ingame on any of my army of alts, or for direct applications please contact Dreamsdesire or follow the link to our website.

In addition we are aiming to have a laid back weekend raid schedule, perhaps rotating between noon and evening raids depending when people are available.



11-05-2010, 06:03 PM
It was not false information. Warsong Gulch. You and your druid friend were infecting the /bg chat with, 'OMG JUST LOSE FOR EASY MARK' from the get go. This is not trolling either. Bad karma follows you around!

12-05-2010, 11:32 AM
:rolleyes:... Obvious troll is obvious...

Have a read of this will you buddy: http://www.shadowsongeurope.com/forum/showthread.php?t=14437

Anyways back on topic.. AGAIN...

We now only need 3 possibly 4 dps (a healer with a dps offspec would be great also) to complete our core group.

Boom + Resto
Ele + Resto

Other classes are very welcome to apply, along with those who are looking for a guild that harbors an environment specifically created to be drama and nerd rage free.