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View Full Version : Oxygen Pure 10 man raiding WANTS YOU!

29-04-2010, 08:54 AM
Hey Shadowsong,

Oxygen is a newly formed guild on the Horde side of this realm. We are a bunch of ingame and reallife friends who decided to start up something new with the end of this expansion and Cataclysm on the horizon. We are mostly experienced players, some killed the Lich King, some are 11/12 and some did some hardmodes before.

We are a casual 10man raid guild, this means we will raid max. 3 days a week, with relative short raid hours (Max. 3 hours a raid). We do however value focus and good performance during our raids. This means you are always prepared, as in bring flasks, food buffs (just in case) and knowledge of the bosses we have on the menu.

Raid Days and Times:
Wednesday 19:45 22:30/23:00
Sunday 19:45 22:30/23:00
Tuesday 19:45 22:30/23:00

The Wednesday and Sunday are pretty much set in stone, although the Tuesday might be subject to change in the near future.
Our current progress is 8/12. We cleared the lower spire and the plagueworks and have just the Bloodqueen left in the Crimson Halls after our first raid.

Currently we are looking for the following classes:

Warlock Demo or Destro
Priest Holy or Disc.
Druid Balance (Preferably with Healing or Tanking offspec)
Shaman Ele. or Enh.
DeathKnight Tank (DPS offspec required)
Paladin Retri.

Any other classes feel free to apply, exceptional applications will always be considered.

You can find our website at, which is still under construction at:
http://www.oxy-gen.wowstead.com/ (http://www.oxy-gen.wowstead.com/)

For any questions, feel free to contact Zigeon, Blankstage, Notredamus or me.

/Qiro, Raidleader of Oxygen

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