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View Full Version : LF Priest/Pally healer for 5v5

28-04-2010, 12:39 PM

A friendly, fun team of 4 friends is looking for said healer for a non-hardcore but well-performing 5v5 team. We're all mostly Wrathful geared ( including weapons ), experienced and skilled players hovering around 1950 rating.

My gear, others are equal or better:

Be well ( pref. equally ) geared, non-assholy, non-retarted both skill- and social-wise. Sense of humor is a must since we're going to call you a cunt on many occasions, without being serious about it. We mostly play 10-30 games a week depending on how people feel and how frustrated we get with 2300 rated teams wiping Nagrand Arena with us. Teamspeak is a requirement.

Current setup is:

Elemental shaman
Frost mage
Mutilate rogue
Resto druid

If you wish to try out, contact Sik in-game or PM me on these forums.