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View Full Version : [alliance] Icc 10 LK Kill Only

13-04-2010, 10:16 PM
Hello late nights players. ;)

I have Started to gather up a Late night team for Icc 10 aiming for full clear.
2 raid nights each week to start with. Wensdays and Thursdays.
The team will be same each week. Later on we prolla do more raids but ftm we will focus on ICC 10. And when everything goes well, Perhaps We will extend it to 25 man late night raids.
The requirements are:

* Vent
* Best gems and enchants ingame
* Situation awareness and abel to adept.
* Raid Exp Icc.
* Abel to stay for 2 raid nights each week.

Loot rules : We roll on Ms and armor prio. keep it simple and clean.
Raid times: Raid inv at 00,05.
Wensdays and Thursdays.

We are planning to extend the Raid Id since we only have Lk left.

We are atm looking for:

2 Healers:
1 Paladin

Range dps:
1 Range dps.

/ w Cygnusx or Ananta for further info,