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View Full Version : Looking for a stable ICC10 group OR an ICC10 BOOST ( paying )

06-04-2010, 03:33 PM
As per topic stated.

I am currently wishing to get the kingslayer title, and i would love to get a fixed team to carve ourselves through ICC10. Being a casual player, its hard for me to see the pinacle of WOTLK ( normal modes for us CASUALS ) if we cant get any steady groups going. I wouldn't mind wiping, learning all the ropes of any particular fight, as long as we manage to down him in 10man. If there is any same minded people out there who wants to join me, feel free to reply here.

If the first alternative doesnt look very enticing ( yes, wiping = aint fun, i know the feeling whilst i raided like there was no tomorrow back then until SWP ), another alternative is that i would love to BUY an ICC10 RUN from the so-called top guilds ( Core of Insight, Original, MCO, Alternate Reality ETC ETC ). I am willing to splash in between 15K - 20K gold for the <kingslayer> title boost run. The gold will be handed in the beginning of the said run, to the raid leader OR the GUILDMASTER of your guild. The prerequisite for this options are easy thought :)

1 - ALL the boosters MUST HAVE <KINGSLAYER> title on top of their head. Mains or Alts ( very well geared only ) - i dont care.
2 - I will be reserving LK's dagger for MYSELF, and if it drops, i will TRADE the RAID leader/ guild master an additional 10K for the SAID dagger. Other loots are open for /rolling or whatever, i dont care.
3 - Lets say, the run failed, i.e the said guild wanna pull me a prank, and sent me alts with kingslayers, but not adequately geared or whatever, and in the end, i DIDNT get my Kingslayer title, i would expect my golds to be at least 80% refunded. Or if the said group wants to finish the run, i.e clear it on the other day, and i am not in the raid, same thing applies.
4 - Since i am PAYING for the title, i wouldnt CARE LESS about my dps, if i slack, or AFK or whatever, since i am ENTITLED to them. Yes i will try to give my utmost respect to the boosters, by pulling some of my own weight, but if the "team" started to bash me for dying/ doing 782dps/ being a noob/ etc etc , then, i will want my FULL REFUND, no questions ASKED.

So, enough of my long WTB post, i hope to hear favourable responses for either of those choices. If you dont fret the thought of wiping, learning new encounters, i would love to team up with you and together, we can scale the height of a casual raider, killing LK in normal mode. Or if your guild wants some easy 20K, come and BOOST ME.

-SageClaire .

06-04-2010, 03:40 PM
you could try the Gdkp runs. The alliance one isn't actually that far off a LK fight i think.

06-04-2010, 03:42 PM
@ mootank - thnx matey. But they only got fester and rot. I know they'll get vali too this week. But i want the title, and hence, the gdkp run wont suffice :( ( sry ringo/bohemia )

06-04-2010, 03:51 PM
GDKP is first off 25 man, and he was looking for a 10man. (not that 25 don't give title;)

GDKP also still lacks all of the endbosses, which are harder than the normal bosses :) (not that we can't get 'em down in either, propably could if we had more than 2 hours to raid every week; ).

and lastly, getting to LK and downing LK isn't the same ;), and since gold is the main goal of GDKP and not progress, the raid ID wnot be extended, and you propably wouldn't hve more than 1 attempt atm ost each week, if we ever got that far :)

06-04-2010, 08:23 PM
We'll get the Lich King in a GDKP run, no worries there. It just won't be now, but Ring0 is determined and the rest of us are surprisingly organized. (If you don't count the nab warlock that has his pet on aggressive :P)

Btw, good luck only paying 10K for LK lewtz.

06-04-2010, 08:39 PM
Can we take her Fist? :p

06-04-2010, 09:39 PM
Can we take her Fist? :p
Told her about your 10man already, seems Clarie wanted to spam here a bit, tho :).