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View Full Version : Resto druid CPL

05-04-2010, 05:31 PM

Obviousely i'm writing this application because i am very interested in joining your guild!
But first let me tell you a thing or two about myself:

My name is Yannick Roelofs and I play a night elf druid, Resto specced.
In-game name is Exlio
I am 23 year young Belgian guy, living in Bonheiden (close to Antwerp, city of diamonds)
In my every day life i run 2 shoe repairment shops, together with my cousin.
Business goes very well, but sometimes it's quite a stressful job and in wow is where i find my relieve.
Having a girlfriend that plays wow too, makes that a lot easier too ofc We've been together for about a year and a half now, and things are still heading towards the right direction.

In game, most of all i'm looking to make some friends, having a good time, joke about and make some progress in raiding and gearing up.
Another thing like to take into consideration, is critisisme. Good or bad, in the end there will always be something i can learn

My main spec is Resto
I enjoy playing this very much, and in the past year i was really looking to improve and understand the char better.
So i did a lot of reading up on it, did some research and now i feel like i know my druid pretty well!
You can always check my gear ofcourse, some things can still use an upgrade, but overall i'm good to go

Offspec is Balance
Gear possibly can use some upgrades here, but i'm working on it.

My proffesions are both at 405 Leatherworking / 0 JC but working on it would be done in no time.

My former guilds are
The New Spartans : Nice and good guild, left because they werent that active and it seemed to me that they werent as interested as me in getting ahead, exploring, trying new things. So I felt I was missing something there.

Simple Pleasures : Applied and got accepted. Good and serious guild, looking to make progress. Reason i left there, is still somewhat of a blurr to me.. I made a joke when doing a hc with some guildmates and things got messed up, big time. They took it the wrong way and guildleader didnt want to discuss it any further with me. No matter what i said, i was wrong they were right. Very much one direction, no communication.
So best thing for me to do was to leave.

I have become interested in your guild, because you guys are motivated and willing to progress.
And that's what I'm aiming for too, getting into a good guild and make some progress as a team.
Heard a lot about your guild's reputation, and I felt the need to join So here I am

I have made progress in 10 and 25 mans Ulduar (Yogg down) and in ToTC 10/25 with my former guilds.
I know the tactics in icc.

I have a good and stable internet connection, and I use Ventrilo & TS. And I can use IRC.

Joining in on raids in the evening isnt a problem, i'm available most of the time. And during the day i'm on too, as i have my computer at work

I hope you take my application into consideration, and give me a try.
You are always welcome to whisp me if you have any questions at any time!

Thanks for reading this
Regards, exLio