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View Full Version : [H] <Sanctimonia Exitiosa> recruiting for 10 man raiding

02-04-2010, 12:43 PM
<Sanctimonia Exitiosa> is a small but serious guild (what guilds arent, eh?) looking to boost its ranks for some 10 man raiding.

We are currently slugging our way through ICC10, but need a few more sacrificial lambs to please the gods that be, on our way to glory. Most of our current membership have experience from killing 10/12 bosses.

Looking for:
* A few Ranged DPS
* A Healer or 2

If you have healing or tanking offspecs thats a huge bonus.

What we want from you:
* Know your class/spec well.
* Be prepared to wipe to no end.
* Able to move out of the "*beeping* fire"

We use /roll & lootcouncil to distribute loot, so if you are thinking about joining for easy loot, think again.

To apply, visit our website at: http://www.sanctex.eu