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View Full Version : Angeles Caidos now recruiting for ICC25

23-03-2010, 05:30 AM
Edit: Our numbers have grown exponentially in the past couple of weeks and we have started venturing into 25man raiding. As the topic implies we are now recruiting for ICC25....We are a few casters and a couple of healers short from steady ICC25 raiding. Wat follows is a little intro to the guild and the main goals we set for the guild at teh start :)

<Angeles Caidos> is a new social/raiding guild on the Horde side. We are a close knit family of mature players that enjoy raiding and socialising ingchat. We enjoy raiding end-game content and look forward to new challenges with the outlook that rl always comes first and that WoW is just a game to be enjoyed and not to be overwhelmed by.

We are focused on 10man content and wish to soon venture into HMs once we build a strong base of core raiders. Our raiding days and times are flexible and continueously planned to suit the majority of our members. Currently we start raiding ICC on wednesdays/thursdays and continue fri/monday for progression. Other days including the weekend are spent pugging ICC25/TOC25 to gear up members for the good of the guild.

We expect our members to bring into the guild a fair amount of knowledge of their class and understanding of the boss tactics. We do not believe in GS as an indicator of a player's abilities in raids and give everyone a chance to prove their worth. We seek mature and friendly players that can take a joke and willing to learn from their mistakes.

We can offer you a friendly environment to raid in with good leadership and a dedicated aim for progress. Our progress is 5/12 ICC10 and our highest recruiting priority is ranged DPS and a resto druid.

Please dont hesitate to contact mesho or kinarri in-game for more info :)