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View Full Version : (A) The Highborne Soceity are recruiting

21-03-2010, 12:25 AM
"The Highborne Society" are a new raid guild based on core raiders from The Highborne Society and Velócíty from the Darkmoon Faire server . We have a combined experience among players that spans from the beginning of TBC trough the new contents. We all strive for getting the most out of our respective characters and learn more in the course of coming content in the game.

We have set ourselves the goal to get a steady and skilled 10 man progression group up and running in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.We already have a good foundation of skilled players, but are looking for skilled players that want progression and bursts out in laughter when the warrior gnome goes "i got him" and you see the silly git biting Arthas in the knee.

Primary goal is clearing ICC 10 and move on to heroic modes in ICC 10.

Progression so far: ICC 10 6/12

We are looking for 8 players with gear and skills that matches Icecrown from the following primary classes:

All applications will be considered seriously and with respect. So if you feel like joining whisp Cutthoff ingame for more info or apply on : http://thbs.wowstead.com/recruit