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View Full Version : Angeles Caidos LF mature casual raiders

08-03-2010, 08:03 PM
<Angeles Caidos> is a new social/raiding guild. We are a close knit family of mature players that enjoy raiding and socialising ingchat. We enjoy raiding end-game content and look forward to new challenges with the outlook that rl always comes first and that WoW is just a game to be enjoyed and not to be overwhelmed by it.

We are focused on 10man content and wish to soon venture into HMs once we build a strong base of core raiders. Our raiding days and times are flexible and continueously planned to suit the majority of our members. Currently we start raiding ICC on thursdays and set a later day during the week for progression. Other days including the weekend are spent pugging ICC25/TOC25 to gear up members for the good of the guild.

We expect our members to bring into the guild a fair amount of knowledge of their class and understanding of the boss tactics. We do not believe in GS as an indicator of a player's abilities in raids and give everyone a chance to prove their worth. We seek mature and friendly players that can take a joke and willing to learn from their mistakes.

We can offer you a friendly environment to raid in with good leadership and a dedicated aim for progress. Our progress is 5/12 ICC10 and our highest recruiting priority is ranged DPS and a resto druid.

Please dont hesitate to contact mesho or kinarri in-game for more info :)

09-03-2010, 12:07 PM