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View Full Version : [H] - The Corleones are recruiting (Mature social casual guild)

07-03-2010, 06:30 PM
About us:

The Corleones is a resurrected TBC casual/social guild. We are currently seeking mature sociable players to join our ranks.

This guild was originally established to provide an enjoyable playing environment for people who either are unable to raid due to various issues, such as having children, study or work; or choose not to raid due to the high attendance requirement and long periods of play without breaks that raiding requires.

After successfully clearing most raid content up to the current tier, on various characters in multiple roles, I have decided that I have seen all the enjoyment that raiding has to offer until it changes radically, which it may not.

About me:

My name's Mike, I'm 24, Irish and have been playing the game since vanilla. I have always been on this server, and have been a member of one of the oldest guilds around since I first started playing. I have chosen to re-establish this guild to enjoy the game with people of similar interests and avoid the strain that other hardcore raiding and pvp guilds can create.

I have 6 level 80 characters, and am currently working on completing 10.

What we can offer you:

We can offer you an enjoyable, stress free environment to enjoy all aspects, outside of raiding, that will not force you prioritize a video game over much more important issues you may have. We can also offer the expertise of over 5 years play across various classes and specs, and are willing to share this knowledge with our members. We have already established a guild bank and rank system that long term members will have access to once they have undergone a trial period.

What we expect from you:

To be over the age of 18, have a mature attitude (in general) with a good sense of humor. This will not be a suitable guild for raiders, and hardcore players. And bar an impromptu weekly raid quest raiding will not be our focus this side of cataclysm.

How to apply:

Fill out an application at http://thecorleones.mmoguildsites.com/

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me in game.