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View Full Version : [H] CeL - Recruiting for 10man

23-02-2010, 01:27 PM
CeL is now recruiting more members to the guild!

CeL is formed by irl friends that have been playing the game a long time.
We are an international guild that wants to raid and have fun at the same time!
many of us officers have the experience of leading guilds into the right direction as
many of you probably knows that it is really hard for new guilds to make it.

What we want is ppl that knows blizzards nr.1 pve rule - "Move from fire" and if you can't do that then your in no interesst for us.

You should be around the age of 18+ and beeing a mature player as we dont want
kids in the guild that have the interesst in trolling in /2 and what not!

We will be useing DKP for loot!

Raid Days
Wednesday - 20.00 til 23.00
Sunday - 20.00 til 23.00
Monday - 20.00 till 23.00

On progress raids we might go overtime till 00.00

What we need

1 Resto Druid

Melee Dps'ers and Ranged dps'ers is also needed! you cant have to many of them.
( a + is that if you got a Healing spec and gear in your secound spec!)

What we expect from you

*Gear is ready for icc10 (Enchanted and gemmed properly)
*Knowing tactics for bosses that we'r progressing in!
*Knows how to move from fire!
*Always prepared for raids! (Flasks and regents for your buffes)
*Having ventrilo 3.0 installed

We will have a site up and running shortly but meenwhile contact

Stinkyfeet or Heedee ingame for more questions.