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View Full Version : [H] Dark Gothia Need few more for ICC 25

21-02-2010, 02:08 PM
We are a casual raiding guild on the horde side.
We are in search of new nice and good players for ICC 25 , We have killed (on farm) 8 of 12 in ICC 25, 11 of 12 in ICC 10,

Our raiding times are only 3 times a week, for many of our members are above the age of 30 and have a family and all thatís come with that.
So we donít raid that often but when we do, we make it count. There is alot of heroics instances and some 10 man guild pugīs the other days so there is always something to do.

All of our members is Scandinavian (Swedish, Danish and Norwegian) so atm we have limit our self to Scandinavian only

So if you are interested to join our guild please visit our website
http://www.darkgothia.eu and click on forum to apply.

We offer a player a very well organized guild. With friendly players that are very high skilled and motivated (most of us have done this for almost 10 years now, first in eq then in wow, and many of our players has been in High-end hardcore guilds that raid 6-7 days a week and fight for server fist but have slow down a bit now. Dark Gothia goal is to clear content faster than Blizzard patch in new).

Atm we are looking for

1 DK in tank role ,war tank, onedruid tank and one pally tank (geared dps offspec is a +).

meele dps
1 Enhancement shammy,1 cat druid , 1 war 1 paladin maybe 1 rouge.

range dps
1 shadow priest, 1 moonkind druid


Resto Druid, 1 resto shaman and 1 holy paladin.

You are wellcome to apply in class and roles that are not listed here but the chans to get a spot are not high.

If you have any questions ask Varning or Rachamred in game(if you can't find them online ask any DG member if they are on alt as normal at least one of them is on everyday).

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Update Blood Princes (25) killed by DG.

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