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View Full Version : Armor Pen? PvE feral

25-12-2009, 04:34 PM

First up, Merry Christmas all! I'm online now recovering from food :D

I played with my horde druid a time, but lack of guild made me get bored easily and whilst I love my Tauren I always get drawn back to my Shadowsong friends.

So, I levelled my Night-Elf Druid to 80 and Dinged last week. The plan was to go resto pve\resto pvp. But typically only feral items dropped from instances, so I've bitten the bullet and decided my alliance druid is going to go feral dps PvE and Resto PvP (haven't started gearing for resto yet, so no resto spec currently setup).

Anyway, I ran lots of instances and with the new random dungeon tool I think my druid is now (within a week!) geared for just about anywhere. Sitting at 52.67% crit, 7883 attack power, 305 hit rating (yes, over the hit cap, should come down as I change some gear pieces), 308 haste and 222 armor pen all self buffed with no raid buffs. I'm left with dodgy bracers and boots (both epic ilevel 200 /cry). And wanting some better trinkets. But I'm fairly impressed how well geared she is after only a weeks work. Would be nice to change the pvp cloak too, especially as I'm 42 hit rating above the cap and the cloak has exactly 42 hit rating on it so I could swap that for a pure pve piece and end up at the hit cap.

My armory:

One thing I was wondering, I've heard armor pen is a better dps stat to gem for over agility/crit up until a certain value. Think I read it on elitist jerks or something. I've mostly been following what Rawr has been suggesting for gems (agility in red, ag/crit in yellow).

I know what belt/bracers/trinkets I'm hoping for from non-raiding. So not really asking what items to upgrade, but think I'm getting close to best in slot for a non-raiding feral (think I can break 8k attack power in cat self buffed though with some of the gear pieces I'm hoping for).

Just wondered if people had more info on what to aim for with armor pen. I'm currently pulling out 3.8k-4.2k dps on boss fights where i need to break dps. On static pure-dps bosses my dps seems to peak around 4.8k dps (again, haven't tried in a raid at all).

Whilst farming for her last feral pieces I'm going to spend my emblems on resto pvp gear (I have the other emblem items I want now, though considering the hammerhead cloak).

Anyway, thanks for any info.

30-12-2009, 01:07 AM
The break even point will vary with your gear, but will be around ~500. Use Rawr as always.

Once you go past that you'll want to stick a Nightmare Tear in one of your good socket bonus sockets to activate your meta gem, and put ArP in every other slot.

ElitistJerks.com should cover all your questions. There's tons of blogs on feral druids on the internet as well.


04-01-2010, 01:02 PM
Aye, using Rawr it is always recommending 20 agility in red sockets and 10 ag, 10 crit in yellow sockets. As my druid has jewelcrafting, I've used 34 agility gems in the three red sockets. Currently sitting at 8004 attack power, 54% crit, 350 armor pen and manage around 4.2k dps, all unbuffed. I've put a prismatic in my single blue slot for the meta gem requirements.

Still, following rawr it never suggests armor pen in red sockets over agility. So was just curious if I should replace my JC agility gems with JC armor pen ones. Reading elitist jerks was what promted me to query here :)

Still hoping on the needle encrusted scorpion trinket from FoS though, which I have never seen drop yet :(

04-01-2010, 02:02 PM
Basically armor penetration scales in a way so the more armor pen you have the better the stat itself gets. But unless you have the breaking point of armor pen agility will always come out on top. As EJ suggest. When you hit around 400-500 armor pen passive from gear/food you should consider stacking armor penetration for pve dps.

Rawr loves socket bonus' aswell. You shouldnt be stacking too many crit/agi gems if you are already over 50% crit unbuffed. Agi/Haste should come out on top of agi/crit.

To sum up. Hit 400ish armor pen from gear and armor pen will be the best stat you'll ever get after that.

05-01-2010, 10:07 AM
Ahh, thanks for the info.

Yeah, hoping for me to get the needle encrusted scorpion which has a 678 armor pen proc (Needle-Encrusted Scorpion). If memory serves, the armor pen cap is 1400 armor pen (for 100% armor penetration). So 1400 - 678 = 722. Giving me 722 as the soft cap on armor penetration, so that when the trinket procs I will have 100% armor ignore.

I'm still also hoping for an ilevel 232 or better cape (using the furious +hit cape atm which is pretty awful for pve). So a better cape and belt (still the ilevel 226 emblem vendor belt) which are the only non-trinket pieces i have under ilevel 232 will probably lift my armor pen over 400. So I'll wait till then and switch some gems around and try to reach the soft cap.

Thanks for info again.

05-01-2010, 11:02 AM
Accursed Crawling Cape would be a quite decent cloak to get your hands on if you are willing to farm last boss in Forge of Souls on normal mode though :)

05-01-2010, 01:41 PM
Yeah, that's the one I want :D

But, omg, only normal? no wonder it hasn't dropped for me yet >.< Should have checked the ilevel. Thought it was ilevel 232. Maybe should get the frost emblem one instead.

Thanks again.