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View Full Version : Wts account!

25-12-2009, 01:42 AM
As the title said; Wts account!


And the details of theory?
Saved up tankgear, pvp retri set, Dual spec, Nobles deck, around the 3.5k gold, 60k honor saved, Alot of battleground marks, Normal flying and he got most of the battleground achievements. 450bs - 450 JC

Old main, recently a alt;

And the details for Getz;
1x Arms dps set, 1x Pvp set, 1 tank set, Epic flyer, 55+ mounts, Scout title,
55+ pets, Dual spec. 460 engi - 450 JC

And 2 alts that got some heirlooms on them.

Devilscry - ud lock (dual spec)

Ccimunne - ud Rogue

Reason; the game is not what it used to be as I enjoyed it best, I just do not enjoy the game anymore.

Got secret answer and paypal. I not own the cd keys anymore, I threw the wow boxes away since I thought I wouldn't use them anymore.

if interested just sent a pb.

/amu - theory