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View Full Version : Come to my house, sing, get 10!

13-12-2009, 04:45 PM
I've done some spare of the moment things but this is up there with the daftest.

Last night I was on the phone to a contact of mine who buys vinyl records, usual thing, I find him rares he pays me for them. Anyhoo this loud knock comes to the door and I have to rush off the phone. Getting to the door there's 3 kids stood there singing quite terribly, but for their due I have heard a lot worse. I applauded them, told them I may have some change somewhere and asked them to wait at the door.

I looked all over the bloody house, could I find some change? Nout, nadda, zip, zilch. All I could see what a 10 on the shelf. I thought 'sod it', grabbed the tenner and said 'don't go telling all the other kids or I'll get no peace' and handed them the 10 quid. Their faces were absolutely priceless - the look of pure delight was worth the money. The oldest kid blurted out 'Oooooooh thank you! This is awesome, don't ever sell your house'; somewhat random but okay I won't sell my house.

I just hope they don't go spending it on booze.