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View Full Version : Raid-5, MFT system crash

28-11-2009, 12:30 PM
Yes, so well, yesterday evening I was playing a Anno 1406. Suddenly my screen went weird (green and purplez horizontal lines)
Then a few seconds later my both screens went black with a green thick bar on the left top. Tried to ctrl+alt+del but that moved that green bar to the bottom right of my other screen.

So I resetted. Bamm, chckdsk needs to check your hdd's!

Bamm, first HDD, Can not read Master File Table, trying to restore from disk.
Cannot restore from disk, chkdsk aborting.
Other files were corrupted too on other partitions, though not as bad as that partition.
(Some MSN DLL has the size 0?).

Anyway, this problem has occured on my Raid-5disk. (4x 1TB, raid-5). Shouldnd the Raid-5 thingy be able to solve such a problem?
And how does one *manually* rebuild (if that is the thing that is needed to be done here?) the disk.

I really would love to get that partition back (2TB). It holds all my photo's from back to 2003, music collection (13000+ songs), movie collection, downloads, porno, childp-wait, no not that :P

As per raid controller that I use: I use a hardware-based SATA raid controller, the AMCC(3ware) 9650SE-4 raid controller. http://www.3ware.com/products/serial_ata2-9650.asp

28-11-2009, 04:48 PM
raid5 will prevent data loss if 1 (part of a) disk fails. File corruption can occur anytime.

29-11-2009, 11:26 AM
meh, thought so, ohwell. I am now restoring my data using GetDataBack.
Took 'round 20hours to read the whole disk O.o
Now have to back-up 1TB acros multiple disks cause no other disks have a total capacity of 1TB, lolz takes ages though :-( (Having to copy to external USB harddisks)

30-11-2009, 06:49 PM
Well I used some program called GetDataBack for NTFS. It found 99% of the directories through the MFT entries...
So I restored(read: copied them to another disk). And they are all corrupted/strange data :-(.
Images don't show up. MP3 music does play, but with the wrong songs under the wrong names.

So I guess some offsets are off or something :-(
Does anyone else have a better idea?

I really would like to get that data back :-(