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View Full Version : Disc PvP Macro's

30-10-2009, 04:21 PM
Thought I'd post some macro's I've written for my priest in case anyone finds them useful. I'm currently pinging up and down between 1650-1720 rating in 2v2 atm, though recently decided to get relentless salvation offset along with my relentless dominance offset as it seems mana is more a problem for me in 2v2. I'm not really a great priest, but I'm fond of my macro's :)

Also, upto this week I was playing with 35 spell penetration with the hope I could make 1800 for the wand/offhand penetration. But this week I've regemmed to 100 spell penetration and respecced to 60/11/0 again for mana conservation. I did expect 100 spell penetration to make a difference, but it has made a huge difference factor especially concerning dispels. So I'd recommend anyone just biting the bullet and gemming for 100 spell pen at least, to start with. If can break 1800 over next few weeks the wand will lift me to 135 spell pen, which is where I'd like to be ideally (note, you can get 1800 weapons from 2v2, just not the higher rated ones). Once I've managed to get salvation offset, I might look for a 3v3 team also. But I can never find a 3v3 that continues to play or is actually any good :(

So anyway, macros. My first core macro's are:

#showtooltip Dispel Magic
/cast [exists] Dispel Magic

#showtooltip Dispel Magic
/cast [target=player] Dispel Magic

I have the first bound to shift + mousewheel up and the second bound to shift + mousewheel down. This lets you dispel your target and easily dispel yourself without changing targets. The [exists] condition is really only there to stop some error message if you use dispel with no target.

#showtooltip Mind Blast
/cast [harm][target=targettarget,harm] Mind Blast

This casts mind blast on your target if it's an opponent, otherwise it casts it on your targets target if that is an opponent. This lets me help dps a team mates target without changing my current target. I also use the same macro for Smite, Holy Fire and shadow fiend.

#showtooltip Shadow Word: Death
/cast [mod:shift,target=focus,exists][harm][target=targettarget,harm] Shadow Word: Death

This is a slight alteration of the previous macro, specifically for shadow word: Death. Using it with the shift modifier will death my focus target. With no modifier or no focus target it will death my current target if it is hostile, otherwise it will death my targets target if it is hostile. I generally use death to prevent sheeps, though also when trying to finish someone off.

Most of my heals I have macro'd like so:

#showtooltip Greater Heal
/cast [help][target=player] Greater Heal

Which will cast the heal on my target if it's friendly or myself otherwise. Which saves me from having to target myself. You can make this an option in the WoW configuration and avoid the need for a macro, but I prefer it to only be on for the spells I specifically want. I have similar macros for Shield, Pain Suppression, Renew, PoM, Flash Heal, Power Infusion, Bandaging, Fear Ward etc.

#showtooltip Inner Fire
/castsequence [target=player] reset=7 Inner Fire, Shadow Protection, Power Word: Fortitude, Divine Spirit

This is my "Buff Self" macro which I use to.. erm, buff myself. Basically buffs my own character with Inner Fire etc. in order. The order was chosen specifically. Inner fire is generally the one i want to buff myself with the most frequently, shadow protection is the shortest next buff. It works for me, anyway.

#showtooltip Power Word: Fortitude
/castsequence reset=5 Power Word: Fortitude, Shadow Protection, Divine Spirit

And this is my 'Buff Other' macro which I use to buff someone other than myself.

#showtooltip Desperate Prayer
/use Battlemaster's Ruination
/cast Desperate Prayer

This is my desperate prayer macro (duh). Apart from casting desperate prayer, it also makes use of my pvp trinket (you may need to change the trinket name if you don't have Ruination). It could also be changed to use the trinket slot instead of using the trinket by name, which is a change I keep meaning to make :)

/focus [target=mouseover,exists][exists]
/stopmacro [target=mouseover,exists][exists]

This is my focus macro, which sets your focus to your mouseover target if you have one otherwise its sets the focus to your current target. If you have neither a target nor a mouseover target it clears your focus. This allows me to manage my focus on one key and has worked well for a long time now (for me, at least).

Anyway, that's my current macro's boiled down. Just in case anyone finds it useful. I stopped playing my priest for a while but started again sometime during the course of this season. Still not completely comfortable with priest I think, but it's some fun at least.