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View Full Version : [Alliance] Anyone for 3v3 and 2v2

02-09-2009, 09:03 AM
Hiya, past couple of seasons my PC's been pretty ill, crashing every other arena match and with really low frame rates (between 6-15 fps) which meant I couldn't play arena very seriously and it was really frustrating to play. I fitted a new cpu fan last saturday and it's been much better now. So looks like I can play arena properly again!

Is there anyone who wants to make a team for 3v3 and/or 2v2 with any of my Mage, DK and Priest?

I'm probably best with Mage (Justicar title, > 50k HK) and can play as either Arcane or Frost. Sitting at just over 2k spellpower as arcane, around 720 resilience and currently 350 haste, 115 penetration. Though these will go up now new gear is available for honor (she's at the 75k honor cap atm). With a team capable of relentless gear, she should be able to reach 2200-2400 spell power as frost. My mage is probably my second best pvp geared character, but very close to being my best.

My DK I have some experience with but still much to learn, the DK reached > 1500 rating last season. But my partner stopped playing and we were only doing 10 games a week so it was slow going. The DK is (at time of writing) probably my best pvp geared character, with some furious offset pieces.

My priest I haven't played with in a while, I was okay with her but not great. Though low framerates made it tough to respond to burst, hopefully I have a chance to play better now. She's played at around 1800 rating before. The priest has 'decent' gear but not great gear at 800 resilience, 1900+ spell power.

I play 2v2 with my mage with a friend who doesn't pvp, so unless there's a decent partner for 2v2 I'll probably just play 2v2 with my friend still so they can get some points and gear. But 2v2 I can play with either of the other characters. I can play 3v3 with any of them.

Anyway, /w me in game or something if you like. I may be on my warlock, which I'm currently levelling. The lock's name is "Nisc" (level 46 atm).