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View Full Version : ZG solo

01-04-2009, 03:31 AM
After reading Chopper's awesome Onyxia Solo (well done!)
thought I'd post this...

I actually solo all of ZG every reset (for mounts and gold)
and the key is to have the Bloodthirst Glyph and Commanding
Shout up (to get more healing from BTs).

For Bat Boss (Hardest Boss), I wear PvP gear for more HP
(and resilience is nice), use Retaliation when she summons
the bats and then enraged regen for mindflay so pummel
isn't on CD for her heals... after I pummel 1 heal,
reck + Deathwish... usually have < 20% HP left
and due to RNG I sometimes die!

Snake, Spider, Panther are all trivial in PvP gear...
sometimes pop shield on and shield wall to get HP back up...
Jindo is a total joke because when he MCs you,
your health goes 100%.
Hakkar is fine in PvP gear... just wear a shield
when you get < 50% and enraged regen.

For Bloodlord need to wear almost full tanking gear
but the BT healing is fine... Kill his raptor first and
pop shield wall and enraged regen for his enrage period.

Tiger boss, need to wear tank gear and shield bash
Zealot Lor'khan's heals.

Also as a matter of interest almost all tbc heroics are s
oloable as fury spec in tanking gear (Shadow Labyrinth,
Auchenai Crypts, Mana Tombs, Magister's Terrace are
very hard due to the large amount of magical damage
(can only reflect 1 spell every 10 secs)).

Anyway, I don't have a video for ZG solo but
I did take a screeny that I posted on my guild forum!

(Side Note: My first post on the forums again
after almost 2 and a half years :O)


01-04-2009, 05:42 PM
Well, fucking hell. Nice one.

I kept getting my ass kicked by batlady, and had given up thinking that the bosses there were going to remain just out of reach as Fury. Although I kinda soloed Hakkar last night. It started off as a duo, but I got MCed and killed the priest I was with. Turned out that Hakkar is pretty easy to kill with 2h/Shield BT/S.Slam routine in full PvE kit. Easier than batlady in fact, which was quite a surprise.

What's the deal with Jin'do? His MC is through totems iirc. Do they just disappear after a while?

Also, having recently downed Jin'do, are you now recruiting?

01-04-2009, 06:00 PM
Thing about Batlady is that there is a trade off between survival and DPS... if you go full DPS she will kill you... If you go tank gear, it will take too long to kill her (her mindflays tick huge and you have to save pummel/shield bash for her heals afterwards) and those bombs screw you over... so with PvP gear you have a nice mix for having the DPS to down her and the survival. Once you pummel her first heal, blow reck and DW so you dont get another mind flay.

Hakkar is actually far harder 2 man because of the MCs on the tank. There is no MC when you solo... just get a BT on everytime it's off CD and that is 6% of your HP every 5 seconds or so if you land 3 hits.

What happens with Jin'do is he drops a MC totem, then starts doing his Jin'do dance... then the totem disappears and he attacks you again... Kinda funny really. Sometimes it bugs out and his HP resets but not very often.

Having Blood Craze from the Fury tree makes Panther boss really easy cos the panthers hit so small but crit a bit so your HP goes up and up...

I r only recruiting people that can solo Jin'do.

08-04-2009, 08:16 AM
I'm soloing the raptor and tiger boss each week as protection, no luck so far. Well I got lucky once, but then I actually brought another person with me and lost the roll ><

09-04-2009, 08:30 AM
Wow seriously awesome job!