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View Full Version : Disc PvP Builds

06-02-2009, 12:22 PM
Okay, I've been playing Disc priest PvP for about 2 month now. Still have a lot of improvements to make in my play. But I thought I'd give some PvP builds that I've come up with. As with all things, your own personal play-style may suit some changes to these builds.

Gear wise, I'm aiming for full hateful mooncloth gear. With the +hit neck and cloak, together with the deadly ring should reach hit cap (not including talents and racials). My priest is current sitting at 790 resilience, ~20800 health, ~1930 spell power and is starting to feel fairly tough in battlegrounds these days.

One thing my experience has taught me, talent wise, is that Desperate Prayer is almost mandatory and will save your life lots of times. So these builds all incorporate that, desperate prayer isn't that great verses rogues, due to wounding poison. But is decent against almost all other classes, vs hunters and warriors it's more useful (obviously) to wait for the healing debuff to drop before you use it though.

Anyway, first up is the Deep Disc build I started off running (60/11/0):


This is pretty good for starting out disc priests, enlightenment is fairly useful to raise your health some.

One thing I didn't like was Rapture. At this current time, if you shield a team member then go and drink. If the shield absorbs any damage, rapture will proc and make you stand up which is kind of infuriating and can waste a lot of water. I eventually dropped rapture, and went to blessed recovery, also dropping a point from Mental Agility so I could max out Grace. Leading to a 57/14/0 build.


This worked pretty well too, Grace isn't a fantastic buff but for 2 points it's fairly decent, and blessed recovery also helps. However the loss of rapture, whilst less annoying because standing up while drinking doesn't happen as it did before, made my mana efficiently dip slightly.

Putting some more thought, I dropped the spell power from my rings and re-enchanted with stamina, then dropped Enlightenment. Allowing me to spec into improved healing, which leads to my priests current build (53/18/0):


Which seems to be working well so far, mana efficiency isn't so bad now (though Hunter's are still, and always will be I guess, a right pita). Well geared rogue's are still a pain though, mostly due to mind numbing + wounding coupled together QQ. The point filler in the holy tree could go in spell warding if you lean in that direction, but I just went for the 1% crit. 1% of either isn't really game breaking so a personal choice really.

Anyway, thought I'd share these builds and some of the thinking that went behind them. All three served me fairly well through my gear progression. Now working on climbing to 900 resi!

Comments\Suggestions welcome!

06-02-2009, 04:00 PM
I mainly PvE on my priest, but i have done my fair share of pvp. At the moment, i've been trying a number of different specs and trying to decide if it is worth going down into the holy tree to get Surge of Light and Blessed Resilience or not. I've never been a huge fan of Penance. No matter how many times i'm told it's vital for pvp, i remain unconvinced. At the moment priests die so easliy that is seems a bit strange for people to say a spell that you cannot self heal with is Vital.

I haven't perfected a pvp spec yet, but i am working on it. I seem to have gotten to the part where my survivability isn't quite as pathetic as most squishys with a talent spec that has both Surge of Light and Blessed Resilience. Still no positive of the best pvp spec, though i like to have different options :)

06-02-2009, 04:29 PM
Just faceroll, it's what Serve does. :P

06-02-2009, 04:57 PM
trying to decide if it is worth going down into the holy tree to get Surge of Light and Blessed Resilience or not.

Mmm, the 53/18/0 build I use currently is about the deepest I feel I could go into holy really. But it's feeling like a decent build. I personally prefer to avoid crit based talents for PvP healing (ie. I wouldn't be after Surge of Light personally if I went that deep) and if I were after crit based talents I think I'd prefer divine Aegis over SoL. Crit'ing is nice, I just don't like to have too many talents that depend on it when my crit chance is so low.

Disc/Holy build with SoR used to be fairly popular. But the only reason it was popular was because survivability was so low, you might as well have run in got insta-gibbed then spammed free heals on your partner as they killed one of the opponents before SoR ran out.

seem to have gotten to the part where my survivability isn't quite as pathetic as most squishys
I started seeing noticeable survivability improvements on my priest as I approached 500 resilience and then every 100 or so resilience over that survivability seems to be noticeably better.

Once my spell power broke 1800 I also started to hit fairly hard too, currently I don't feel too vulnerable if I'm left alone somewhere in a bg.

Arena wise, I'm fairly aggressive with dps support (when the opportunity arises). Which I think stems from playing rogue and a bit of mage pre-wotlk. But, I could be a bit better on the mana burns and placement. It's still my first arena season as a Priest so I'm fairly happy atm.

I've never been a huge fan of Penance. No matter how many times i'm told it's vital for pvp, i remain unconvinced.

I really like penance personally, if there's a mage around you're going to need to fake the counterspell when trying to land heals on your partner and getting caught can be fatal. With penance, even if you're caught at least some healing went through.

Which is not to say you can ignore faking CS when using penance, just that if you get caught it's not as bad. The first 'pulse' is also instant, making it the only worthy instant heal available (with Renew being a HoT and no 'big' pulse of healing). When faking with Penance, I tend to stop casting right after the second 'pulse'. Though if the mage has been quick with the CS's previously I may try to fake a casted heal.

Just faceroll, it's what Serve does

Truth be told, facerolling is all I can do :(

06-02-2009, 07:02 PM
I can see where you're coming from with the reasons behind Penance, definately. In my pvp gear i think i'm just under the 500 marker. Perhaps once i have hit that marker i won't feel the need to go for the Blessed Resilience. Guess we'll see :)

Always nice to get some feedback though hehe...

And Slicer, face rolling is required now that i can't just jump around WSG with a rogue ganking anything that touches me. Im frowning at you! Do you feel it!

06-02-2009, 07:04 PM
No sorry, too much snow.

30-10-2009, 04:38 PM
After playing with 54/17/0 for a long while, I've changed (like, yesterday) to 60/11/0 mostly down to mana efficiency. This makes my priest more of a healer than a dps aid, though I still seem to dish out a decent about of damage when called for.

My current build looks like:


In case anyone's interested. At first I was a little worried about lack of reflective shield and Inner Fire glyph. But so far, it hasn't been that noticeable.

23-12-2009, 02:44 PM
pvpness (http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#bxIbuhMiRIoffotbyzh)

Currently I pvp with this spec - with PWS glyph, penance and Pain suppression.

I have ~24.5k buffed hp, ~830 resil and about 70 hit rating. But being a draenai is win for the hit part =) Missing penetration, but resil and hp is far more important for now.

I feel the added rage/energy for the target is a nice boost (rapture).