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View Full Version : Enhancement?

17-11-2008, 03:08 PM
So, did anyone find out yet what kind of gear/rotashun we should go for?

I tried EnhSim a bit but I'm getting silly values like if I stack int i should get 6000 dps.

From what I've read lately it seems its still WF/WF/slow/slow but what differs is that using ES-ES "rotation" is better than using FS-ES. And ofc using up MW as soon as its up.

Also, does anyone get strange feedback from maelstrom? It seemed to proc like mad on enemies at about 2-3 levels above me, but when I'm on same level enemies, it doesn't proc as often. (Also when at 4+ levels above me but thats ofc due to imba miss). Considering the talent don't list any particular % i suspect its "hit chance normalized" or something.