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View Full Version : So, how did you all like the patch?

18-10-2008, 12:55 PM
For me it was a gigantic boost.
Itīs not even a challange to heal anymore, spam CoH and PoM and you are set when raiding.

Though, the spellchange was fun, 3k+ HF and smites while just standing around having nothing else to do is sort of a way to pass time :)

Hopefully the overpoweredness goes away with levels when the expansion hits, but right now the major fun is to figure out wich pets i havenīt yet bought.

Also, sorting out a dps gear is a bit of a challange. Obviously i wanna get hitcapped just for the sake of it. And sorting out a gear set thats equally good for holy aswell as shadow dps, as they are quite similar with the new +crit benefits for shadow.
And yes, thats how bored i am with the game, i even resort to speccing shadow to get some variation :)

Obviously the major part of it is from having mobs and bosses nerfed alot, but the actual numbers i pop when healing are also boosted quite a bit. Holy DPS also considering there is no sanctity aura, but i think most classes have been boosted besides the classic aggrowhore warlocks and mages perhaps.

I still donīt know if it was good or bad.
And actually i decided to not care much, but rather view it as a preparation for the next expansion.
We got achievement to do! thats a plus!
All priests have holy nova now, so immidiately go do Strat and just solo the crap out of it using only holy nova!
Thats fun, and definately a plus :)

Or go pug Ragnaros, and kill him in 23 seconds, that was also fun :)

Yeah, i am really looking forward to the expansion and what the instances bring.

LFG anything 71+!


18-10-2008, 01:34 PM
I am loving it !!!

Holy Nova Farming !!!

19-10-2008, 08:22 PM
Loving the shadow tree atm even though it feels a bit bloated
(just can't find any points to stuff in disc)
Mostly pvp'in but watching MB hit for 3.8k followed by a 3k shadow word death is great fun,seeing 1500 mf ticks is awesome too!
Loving the amount of mitigation and escape possibillities we got now despite what most people say.

23-10-2008, 03:46 PM
The patch put 200 on my spell damage immediately and even without the Glyph of Renew I was seeing it tick for about 100 more. It's nice to see some big numbers come out of casting now rather than the crappy low ones previously.
I have levelled Holy all the way and the only thing that irks me is that the crit bonus is low - I think it's +50% whereas on my rogue it +100%. I don't understand why this discrepancy exists surely a crit hit is a crit hit but whatever... Holy Nova is lots of fun and I can't believe how much I missed it - I re-specced away from it at 70 to go raiding.
Overall I'm pretty pleased with the patch although still fed-up that no matter how hard I try druids and shammys almost always outheal me and the better pallys also do. I'm usually either top or second of our healing priests so it's not like there is much more I can do that I am aware of to close the gaps. I suppose, ultimately, what's important is that whatever you're trying to do is successful but I just get frustrated that a true 3-way multiclass umm class can outheal me. Druids need a major nerf because they are just sick...