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View Full Version : Shadow pvp at 80,how is it?

10-10-2008, 03:25 PM
Anyone here playing shadow in the beta?
The official betaforum is full of whiners so i thought i'd check here,i like what i see so far exept dispersion,they really don't know where they are going with that one.
Who rips you apart (rogues ,lol) and who do you facemelt?

15-10-2008, 12:00 PM
Now shadow arenas for priest is like this:


18-10-2008, 09:43 AM
well,now that the patch is here i got some first hand experience.
in my opinion it's not half as bad as people say,atleast not for normal Bgs ,have'nt tried arena yet so i'm not talking about that.
Dispersion wich seems to be the big whiner point can be used quite effectively if you just test it a bit,a regen+prom+shield and then pop dispersion pretty much tops you off with regards to hp,also,dispersion does'nt make you drop flags in wsg wich is great for flagcarrying,also if you're in shadowform while dispersed you can hit fade and gain a little bit of distance wich just might let you get fear of the cd for ex:)
the new human racial is just to good to be true,it basically just frees up the trinket spot so i can stuff something else there,either 51 sta trinket or 43 spelldam trinket both of wich is a good improvement over a little extra ressilence:),ofc you can keep it for the ress but i think i have enough ressillence for now.)
Also if you've grinded some of the mooncloth parts you can gain the +ress from the 2 pieces and not lose much dam at all,infact my healing mace is now better then my spelldam mace due to the +healing enchant giving more spellpower then the major spellpower one.

The game seems a bit more open now as i can get owned by most classes but it can also go the other way,infact..burst is back baby!

Mages are a pain in the ass unless you can time a silence,dotdotdot,fear,nuke.
Breaking their shattercombos with dispersion is fun though:) makes em go "groan:("

Rogues..i don't want to talk about rogues,just stay teh hell away from them if you can.

Druids,against ferals (wich most of the pvp druids seems to be atm) it can go either way,i've won most of my duels against them but in the bg's it gets harder,most of them tries to heal to late so i manage to sneak in a silence before they stun me and hence they die to the dots:)

Paladins...they do do more damage now but with a possible amount of 466 ressilence i was'nt hurt that bad,i think i had a pala on me who managed to get me to half hp when i picked the flag in wsg and ran it from one base to the other with no one but him on me.

bladestorm frekkin hurts,luckily i can negate parts of it with dispersion then comeout swinging afterwards,they got a buff and they're not a free kill 1 v 1 anymore,good for them!

shamans...have'nt gotten a shammy 1 v 1 yet so i don't know how they perform now.

I used to hate locks,now they are slightly less irritating ,with the buff to my healing from the new spellpower stat i''ve doubled my healing output and with the glyph"dispel magic" most locks are easily countered as opposed to how it was before patch where any lock with 1 epic would own you!
Having dispel heal you for 6% of max hp is just..over the top against them,loving it!

Dot them up and hit dispersion+fade,move into range ,fear,and nuke,gg hunters!

All in all i'm happy with how we perform in Bg's,it's not half as bad as i feared.
I need to get some arena going also,should be fun:)

19-10-2008, 11:51 AM
i played 12 games or so of 2 v 2
(does'nt really tell you much as it's the 3 v 3 that counts i guess)
I teamed up with a warrior (i know,bad combo) and well,in the case of 2 v 2 i think people really are whining,i felt i could do much more now then before patch,i had ways to get out of stuns,slowing effect,heck i could even mitigate burst without leaving sform.
We were playing in the 1400-1500 bracket (crap i know but cyclone is a tough bg)

during 12 matches we met 2x pala teams 3 times i think,we lost all of those,there's no way you're beating that combo atm.

pala / warr,we won 1 and lost 1, first round i managed to get the warr dotted up then i just had to run for my life like a mofo,once he were at 40% or so ,silenced the ret pala and nuked the warr to kingdom come.

Hunter / warr:

warrior kept the other warrior busy while i killed off the hunter,dotted up both then went all out on the hunter,killed him pretty fast,then ended up 1 v 1 vs the warrior and that was a breeze as usual.

hunter / rogue:

Warrior went on the rogue,i went on the hunter,walked right into the snake trap and got to use holy nova as shadow for the first time,great fun.
we did lose but it was pretty close,we could win that one with some better timing:)
My warrior had insane lag through all of the matches tho,he could'nt even get a pummel off acording to him:)

mage /shammy:

it was an arcane mage and he killed me in less then 10 sec or so...
Checked my log just to see arcane missiles critting for almost every single hit..2k 2k 2k 2k..gogo mages i say.
needless to say we lost that one.

warr / shammy:
bursted down the shammy pretty quick
so that one was pretty easy..

warr / druid
Lost this one but barely,mostly we lost because my gcd's came up without me even hitting a single spell,bugged it seems.

we did 2 more fights and won those but i can't remember the setups atm.
Anywayz! I really like the changes for spriests and once i get some decent crit rating this should be fun:)
Iwish they've given us a better headsup for the crit change for spriests or i would have gone for silk and the staff instead of all the dreadweave and maces;/

19-10-2008, 02:53 PM
Great post, but what talant build did u use?

19-10-2008, 06:03 PM
Full shadow with the exeption of 5 points in twin discipline, probably better pvp speccs out there but i wanted to get a feel for the pure shadowspecc and as i do 2 v 2 and bg's mostly i did'nt really need manaburn as it stands now
(manaburn is pretty useless with all the burst happening atm)

I've been looking at the holy / shadow specc with blessed resilence wich many people say will be THe damage/survival specc at lvl 80 for shadow but it does'nt really appeal to me,gonna go shadow / disc as i've always done,i do feel that the shadow tree is somewhat bloated atm,you HAVE to have atleast 51 points in it to get dispersion and well,you have to give up some nice talents from shadow if you want to specc a bit in disc too.
I'm already having trouble cramming 5 points into disc for a little bit of extra damage.
We'll get 10 more points but where to put them..i'm used to taking imp fort and imp shield,but since inner fire has switched places that atleast will open up for another minor glyph i guess..i do hope they get something better with regards to minor glyphs.!

20-10-2008, 05:18 PM
Playing my lvl 49 twink Shadowpriest in Bg's atm and truly enjoying it.
It's a nice change from the usual face smashing button mashing style of warrior pvp ^^