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View Full Version : Shot rotation 3.0 as Surv.

18-09-2008, 07:43 AM
Just wanted to hear thoughts about, what the new rotation will be like in 3.0 (not wolk).

Im currently spamming steadies in a 3/2 macro. Done just over 2k dps on brut as my personal best (without BL and Im never in a hunter grp). My dps comes from stacking lots of haste (142 rating atm).

The new casttime on steadies (2secs) more or less kills the 3/2 makro and makes the 1/1 the only type base macro left to use.

Explosive shot seems to be a given when it comes to adding a shot, since it has by far the highest dps and dpm in its current form.

The other shot im planning to get back into rotation is Multi. Im aware it has crappy dpm but the dps is higher then arcane which seems to be up as hell, dont scale any good with endgear.

In regards to serpent sting, im not convinced its any good as Surv. I wont spend 4p to get the 3% increased dmg from it, especially not at lvl70 when im short on points.

So any thoughts?

18-09-2008, 08:34 AM
Multi-Shot would do better damage than Steady Shot which means that for maximum dps you would replace Steady Shot with Multi whenever possible. However, Multi-Shot is horribly mana inefficient. I don't think it will have a spot in normal rotations unless in situations where it can hit three targets (or if somehow mana is not an issue).

Consider if you specced for Improved Stings, which adds 30% more damage to serpent sting. And then theres a glyph available that adds 3 seconds to the serpent sting duration. Also blue said that later Lock and Load will proc from sting ticks. It doesn't say that in the tool tip in the latest build though, so I don't know yet if that change will go through. In worst case Serpent can still proc LnL 15% of the time on initial hits. That's two extra free Explosive Shots.

At the moment it looks like the best rotation would include having serpent up at all times. But I don't want to go TOO deep in what perfect rotation would be since the talents are not final yet.

18-09-2008, 08:45 AM
I forgot that you didn't mean WotLK dps yet. So Improved Stings is definitely out. Still, there might be room for Serpent Sting (if LnL will proc from tics and so forth). Maybe it's a bit too early to tell.

18-09-2008, 08:49 AM
Right forgot about the LnL proc.

Wont go for Imp stings though, since at lvl70 I dont nearly have the points for it.

Concerning multi shot, it was just a thought, since I have no clue about the mana situation in 3.0.

18-09-2008, 10:14 PM
Having only read up on forums about it since I don't want to test the PTR, it seems survival will be the most damaging spec after 3.0.2 - exotic pets after 70 haven't been considered so far in the PTR so of course that would have quite a big effect on BM's dps aswell.

From what I've read though, using a steady/auto rotation; along with keeping serpent sting up and explosive shot will be the new survival rotation.

Though I'll of course test it out when patch 3.0.2 comes out.

Another question - now that wind serpents aren't in the ferocity tree, I'm guessing that Ravagers will be the best dps'ing pet for patch 3.0.2 - can anyone verify this?