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View Full Version : Save Ailith!

11-09-2008, 02:33 PM
[EDIT] In before "OMG! Too long didn't read" >.> I r verbose rog!

Patch is coming in a little time, with it the xp required from 60->70 is being reduced. I have a level 60 rogue on Stormscale, I've been thinking... And once this patch arrives I may just level the UD rogue and leave Ailith behind :(

I can't raid (and haven't been able to for a while) mostly due to rl issues where I can't promise to be online 5 nights a week, all night, every week. So I started doing PvP and, surprisingly, I liked it :)

I didn't really start doing pvp as a rogue until a little into season 3, so I started with loads of battlegrounds to get s1 gear. Then playing arena with friends (who didn't pvp) hovering around the 1400 rating mark. Watching lots of Neilyo movies...

I became okay at pvp I think, not great, not bad. But okay, and then I got better. Until I think I'm decent, but I think I could be much better still. But...

I have met okay players on here, some very good one's. Mostly they are 'ok'.

I think, personally, I should be able to play 1800-1900 atm with a decent partner, 1900-2k with a good one. And perhaps over 2k with some practice myself. But I don't meet many [re:any] people I think are good enough to get that high. But I haven't met everyone. And it's hard to get hugely better when I'm playing ~1800 rating mark all the time.

I would like to play 2v2 with someone, someone who is perhaps capable of 2k+. Note: I don't mean they've got 2k+, I don't care if you've been stuck at 1400 rating playing with your friends for 10 years. Only that you think you could get 1900+, 2k+ eventually.

I'm currently thinking, if Ailith doesn't have a team she thinks she could get 2k+ with sometime. I will drop her and switch to my UD rogue. Sure I'll have to start gearing him up all over again, but I've randomly grouped with some arena partners on my druid a few times. And he's easily found people that I'd think Ailith could reach 2k+ with. Now, scale's a different pool of players so it's expected (being a pvp server n'all).


Rogue LF 2v2 Partner (Alliance), preferably a disc priest or druid (resto or dreamstate\resto). However, I am also willing to give Shadow Priest, Mage or Warlock a try also (however I have little to no experience running as double dps, so I personally don't expect them to work well, but I'd give it a go).

My Ideal Partner: Will moan at me if I fuck up. If you're always telling me "It's not your fault" or "I can't see anything wrong your doing", I'll tend to think that's it's your fault then. So tell me if I do something wrong! If you're a healer you will understand Los, pillar hugging, kiting, etc.

I do not mind if we lose cause you messed up. Though... it will be mentioned ;)
I do not mind if we lose now and then cause I messed. Though... it will be mentioned ;)
I do mind if we always lose cause you messed up.
I do mind if we always lose cause I messed up.
I do not mind if we lose cause the other team was really good.
I do mind if we lose and the other team sucked.
I do not mind if we lose cause they completely out-geared one of us.

I just would like a partner that I feel I can do okay with, ideally gladiator rating by end of season. But more realistically I would be happy with s4 weapons.

I do not care what gear you have, I only care that you know how to play pvp. If you come to me in green gear with 2k health but it's noticeable you know how to play. That is fine, we'll do bg\arena together and get you geared.

If you come to me in full s4 gear and we don't break 1600, you suck, period.

I *DO NOT* want to be carried, if I play with you and we shoot day one to 2800 rating. I'll tell you to find a better partner 'cause you deserve way better than me. I want to get better, but that's not gunna happen if I can stay in stealth 100% of the time while you solo every team. /boring

Ideally you will have some mix of s2/s3/s4 gear or better.

If Ailith don't find such a one before the Wotlk patch, she will probably be relegated to 'I used to play this char' status.

All exaggerations in this posting were intentional.


11-09-2008, 02:42 PM
I have a druid that could do some 3's, currently following minibel around, we have only been doing 2's together for a week and we are 1724..

Either way i dont mind, im not a 2200 player but I know how to pvp and all that ballocks.

If nothing else comes up i guess we could engineer some sort of 3's?

I shout.
I swear.
I hate everyone.
I'm Scottish.
And im a Druid.

I also have a geared tauren druid on shadowsong if you do level your rogue and wish to transfer it.

11-09-2008, 04:14 PM
reform our old 3v3 m8! it worked!

11-09-2008, 09:44 PM
I'm sorta in a similar spot, Ailith. (No, I won't abandon this character if I don't hit 2k, but basically it feels I could with a right partner and some practice).

Spec and class are not on your list, but as you may know I'm a retribution paladin, and SS rogues are currently the best 2v2 partner for us, with quite a few teams way up there in rating.

If you're willing to experiment a bit, let's get in touch online tomorrow.

Muffeh, 3v3? >:(
Vaporite Solo Vaporizer (http://www.vaporshop.com/solo-vaporizer.html)

11-09-2008, 10:16 PM
Good luck guys

11-09-2008, 10:20 PM
Nice post ailith :)

12-09-2008, 12:10 AM
PvE > PvP server transfer is avaible

12-09-2008, 07:15 AM
I'm also in need of a good partner,my poor shadowpriest is tired of the 1400ish rating i got atm...

14-09-2008, 04:33 PM
;o ?

Promise I'll shout this time.