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View Full Version : Disc Priest LF 2v2 Arena partner

23-08-2008, 03:34 PM
As topic says, LF a arena partner.
Would prefer a Rogue or a Hunter. Rogue is first choice tho.(Up for other suggestions. Warr/Mage?)
Need to have a decent amount of res and skills.

Don't judge me by my 2v2 rating, got messed up due to various reasons..

If Armory shows my PvE gear, this is some info bout pvp gear..
3/5 Merci, 2/5 Venge, Vindicators neck/belt/boots/ring, Veterans wrists/ring, Gladiators mace, Venge off hand.

456 res
11,1k hp
9,8k mana
1438 healing(Could differ depending on woot trinket I use)

23-08-2008, 08:45 PM
healing seems little low tbh,even if you switch trinkets.

26-08-2008, 10:51 AM
Health bit low too imho.

Get merciless mace, guardian neck + belt. Dont really mind about ring/bracers/boots, as long as they're upgraded to guardian as soon as rating is made.

But yeah, more +heal would be nice.

I don't have a 2v2 partner atm, as my partners subscription has run out after only playing together a week. I may be tempted to play rogue/priest but would have to play some skirmish first.

Edit: Though, I should warn you I moan a fair bit and I'll probably tell you most teams we lost to sucked. Coupled with some 'WTF you doing', 'Are you insane' and some other similar comments. Though... I expect those back too ;P Umm, apart from that I'm pretty friendly! and too nice, apparently.