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View Full Version : Bug On Websie

20-05-2008, 08:42 PM
On Raid progress when you add a kill it shows it on the homepage but doesnt update in the raid progress section. Tonight we killed Illidari Council and it only shows on the home page but not against our guild on the raid progress.

20-05-2008, 08:55 PM
There was a problem with the database recently, where kills were accepting dates but weren't updating as planned, however as far as I can tell Turiel fixed that now.

The frontpage, at least, is now listing kills correctly:
1. 2008-05-19 22:00:: Essence of Souls by Soul of the Fire
2. 2008-05-19 21:42:: Teron Gorefiend by Omnia
3. 2008-05-18 21:30:: Vashj by Encore
4. 2008-05-18 20:58:: Shade of Akama by Omnia
5. 2008-05-18 17:00:: Jan'Alai by Something Different

Edit: Ah wait, never mind. I see what you mean. Although in the edit panel for your guild it displays the correct date/time of bosskills, the actual viewable panel isn't displaying the most recent kills. I'll assume its probably a result of fixing the old bug, and bother Turiel about it :P
(And no, Omnia's problem is a separate one where the database isn't fond of approving their guild, for some reason)

20-05-2008, 09:14 PM
Cheers for that :D

22-05-2008, 10:10 AM
Sorry to bother you guys but i think im having the same problem! It tried to update guild's progress in Zul' Aman with a boss kill (Jan' alai) and doesnt seem to updated. Maybe you can help me with that or take a look pls. Thanks in advance!

Im sorry guys, i just read that you are working on it...im sorry!