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View Full Version : Computah fixed!

22-04-2008, 12:02 AM
Kinda, thought I'd post here in case anyone gets a similar problem. See, my hard drive had some kind of catastrophic failure and decided to splurge out a bit... and then die. Then my bios decided to get in a hissy fit and gimme a blank screen during boot (whilst not actually doing anything).

Anyway, I thought I'd try reinstalling WindowsXP. But I kept getting blue screened during reboot (this is after my bios decided to actually do stuff), complaining about pci.sys. Even when booting from CD -_-

Anyway, lots of investigation over weekend and today (weekend was hard with no internets :(). And I found a glimmer of hope. My XP disc is from pre-service pack 2 days, and I heard tales that this issue of XP has problems with PCI express video cards.

So I disabled the PCI express hardware in the bios, and windows XP now boots!! Unfortunately I couldn't save my harddrive from the evils that befell it. So I got a new HDD (which is cheaper than a new puter :P). A few issues locating device drivers, but I think I'm back up and running maybe.

Just remember, if your windows is pre-SP2, to disable PCI express during install (until you've updated to SP2). More went wrong than I mentioned here, but the core fix was disabling PCI express in the bios and a new HDD.

Still only 28% of the way through the 1.1gb warcraft patch, so not online yet though, and still time for things to go horribly wrong ;s