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View Full Version : So what happened to da PC

21-04-2008, 11:13 AM
Ok Saturday morning my pc went on strike, the keyboard and mouse died a horrible, horrible death ... or so i thought. My Pc still worked the Cd tray opened and closed, it's just my Keyboard (ps2) and mouse (usb) died.

The mouse worked on the wife's pc, could not try the keyboard as her pc has no ps2 slots.

So on playing about my pc, the mouse worked in a diffrent usb port, and when i bought a new usb keyboard that too worked in a diffrent usb slot.

Keyboard ps2 slot
(_) (_) <- Mouse ps2 slot

l_l l_l <- Affected usb slots

So what's gone wrong?, why only those slots when the ones further down the pc work?.

Any help is appreciated.