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View Full Version : LF 3v3 (DRW)

31-03-2008, 11:36 AM
Wondering if anyone's interested in forming a 3v3 arena team (Alliance). I'm mostly interested in either Druid, Rogue, Warrior or Druid, Rogue, Warlock. Though it's possible we can use a Disc priest instead of a druid. With me as the rogue (http://armory.wow-europe.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Shadowsong&n=Ailith).

Mostly looking to form a decent team to work on points, team bonding and gear, etc ready for S4 (whenever that arrives). Though, obviously doing as well as possible is desirable before then too :)

Characters preferably around or above 300 resilience. With a pvp spec and who enjoys pvp (obviously) and plays frequently. Ideally, I'd like to play more than just 10 games a week. Warlock with preferably a bit more than 300, as you're likely to get trained a fair bit as the rating goes up.

You must also not be adverse to using voice chat, wont use it to start with. But if the team breaks 1800 or so, will probably start using voice comms.

My rogue is shadowstep builds with 410 resilience, around 1630 ap, 10.4k health, 32% crit. If playing as Druid\Rogue\Warrior will probably start off with split dps playing style, As Druid\Rogue\Warlock will probably concentrate on single target dps with CC on a second.

Though would also be nice to have a team that can chat\discuss\adjust strats together. /w me in-game, PM me here for more info or to chat. Can also reply to this post too. :P

15-05-2008, 03:31 PM
I recently transfered to this server from Darkmoon Faire, and im up for trying WRD. Im 3/5 vengefull, glad chest and meciless shoulders, and im mace spec using s1 mace :( I played at around 1750-1800 on my old battlegroup as warior/shamen/hunter and warrior/shamen in 2v2 but never managed to hit the 1850 mark. So if you get hold of me in game, im on nearly every day :rolleyes:

26-05-2008, 11:05 PM
If your still lookin a warrior for the RWD set-up PM me in game, my 2v2 + 3v3 has mothballed!

27-05-2008, 08:39 AM
We played a day with a warrior and got upto 1631 or so. Then not sure what happened to the warrior. Think we would have got much higher (this was before patch, so when win traders were there too).

I'd love to play again and Druid is still in team, I'll ask if druid wants to try again :)