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View Full Version : PC Upgrade Advice

22-10-2007, 02:45 PM
Hi. hope somebody here can help me with some advice :)

Since my pc is getting a little out of date and is due for upgrading i need some help since im not 100% in the hardware department..

eventually i want more ram. better graphics and a new more powerfull PSU and MAYBE a new CPU if its really needed..

my current hardware specs are as follows:

PSU - 480w Peak Load
Memoery Type: DDR PC3200 CL3
Motherboard: Abit AV8
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3500 2.2Ghz

I wanna be able to play the new games which will be getting released in future like Crysis and Age of Conan and i plan on buying 1 new piece of hardware every month which i can afford....

So i think i will need first a new much more powerfull PSU to make my future gfx card upgrades and such have enough power maybe a 1000w PSU..
then secondly ill get my new 2 GB of ram and then my new graphics card.. but i dont know what im buying when it comes with hardware being compatible with my motherboard and such...

So can sombody help me... based on the hardware i allready got. Can sombody tell me what i should buy to be a decent upgrade for future gaming

a whole new pc isnt an option since money strapped thats why ill be buying a piece of hardware every month.

:) thanks for anybody who can help.