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View Full Version : Looking for Arena team.

08-10-2007, 08:18 AM
Lo, i'm looking for a team or 2 prefereably 2v2 or 3v3 to start with for my lock. I've got decent pvp gear from bgs and stuff sofar but I still lack good gear on some slots as well as rep for head enchant etc. I'm not looking for any hardcore stuff since im away most of the weekdays and will be for about 1 more month. Ideally I would like to play on sundays and if its a 2v2 class is not very important but offc holy pally / resto druid / SP or maybe another lock would be nice. I'm atm affliction specced but thinking of gooing Aff / SL for more survivability.

If you have a 3v3 or want to start one only requirement I think i have is that there is a healer. Maybe paladin / ms warr + me would be a good combo but I'm not that picky =)

for a 5v5 im up for any mix , important here is organization and regular games.

On a general note all members need to be willing to make an effort when we actually play but they dont need to be die hard pvpers.

EDIT : horde side >P

EDIT2 : I lack some enchants and better gems but thats mainly due to a bad cashflow after getting my tailor set. Working on JC atm and just got the 12 sta gem so ill improve that shortly.