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View Full Version : Would there be any interest in...

25-06-2007, 07:21 AM
An XML based DKP site?

I am currently working on one, however, this is more for practicing XML/XSL then for really developing a fully working DKP site.

I just took the idea of a DKP site, so that I have a *goal* to work on.

However, if there is enough interest for such a site, then well, point it out here, and I might make it fully working :-)

I cannot do any LUA language, but my idea was, if it does get to an official one, that there would also be an add-on for WoW, then enables users (raid leaders) to fill in info in WoW itself, which boss gets killed, when who joins/leaves etc. So that I can parse the variable file and insert in the database.

The current progress is here, not much as of yet ;-)


Only these two are (not fully) operational at the moment (for them others I haven't finished the template.xsl yet)

These things below are going to be implemented:
instance-independant (every instance has his own DKP)
Grouping of instances (so you can, for instance, group all 25man instances and all 10man instances together to share that DKP)

25-06-2007, 07:04 PM
No one interested? :(