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View Full Version : I'm happy Horde.

21-06-2007, 10:19 AM
For about 1 and a half years I played Alliance, not because I wanted to be Alliance, but because my friends from my previous MMO all rolled on the pink side.

Things became a little messy on the Alliance side around the end of last year, I felt unhappy, plus I had become quite ill with something that I will call 'depression', don't want to go into detail here. I created a Tauren Shaman, and set about leveling him. I found myself having a great time, my illness wasn't as bad and I felt really settled here. One afternoon a guy called Meatball was looking for a healer for Gnomeregan, I was a level 27 Resto Shaman and thought I'd /w him. Sure enough he invited me to group and we had a great time, even ganking some Alliance inside Gnomer before continuing. I managed to keep everyone alive and we only struggled at the last boss - thus my love affair with the Horde was born.

Things on Alliance weren't fun, I was GM of a medium sized MC/ZG raiding guild, we were aligned with other guilds, and while raiding was fun I found myself becoming more and more tired of it all. I spoke to a member of Bloodthrust Clan and they told me to apply via the BTC forums. So off I trotted, posted an application and was promptly turned down. Fair enough, I understood, they thought I'd not be Horde enough to be any use, which at the time was possibly true. I redrew back to the Pink side, made a Mage and set about leveling him.

As time went on the Alliance part of me died and I posted here for a Horde guild to accept me. Jachya sent me a PM via the forums and told me to apply to The Shadow Legion. At the time I started a new Horde character, a UD Rogue (original eh?). My rogue was accepted into the guild, and everyone was so friendly. I leveled my rogue rapidly, briefly flitted with the alliance again, but rapidly came back Horde.

Now I'm happily settled in a nice guild, have a level 70 Protection Warrior who gets to pop into Karazhan now and again, a 69 rogue who really should get his ass to 70. a level 42 Protection Paladin, 30 Priest and Thwap, the Tauren Shaman. I have dumped my epicced level 60 alliance characters who are now floundering in the 'I aint playing those bloody humans again' abyss. I'm happy Horde.

21-06-2007, 10:31 AM
lol, interesting... :P

I started out as an alliance NE Huntard (original right?) leveled him till lvl 9, then I was like, damn this is boring! where is my fucking pet? and bows suck too, can only shoot once, then the mob is too close and I need to melee, ARGH. So I deleted him, created an UD mage, lvled him till 22, and found the hit and run tactic too annoying, so I rerolled troll rogue, lvled him till 67, stopped, no more time. :(

Been in a total, whoopdidoo, 3guilds, Gaudeat Vincimus, Ordo Malleus(Been GM of it, till it failed :() Then went to The Ascended, and when I quit, the guild was falling (sadly) apart too.

End of story,

22-06-2007, 06:39 AM
At least horde hadn't BG waiting time issues.

22-06-2007, 09:59 PM
I can honestly say that I started this game to play along side my mates (Leinad, Dwarf Hunter and Gaden, Dwarf Paladin) as many here from some time ago know, I have a Dwarf Warrior, Toolman.

Gaden quit for a while, Leinad joined Horde as Ogrosh. I got bored of Alliance so made Oogie as a joke, now he is my main, pwning stuff PvE (PvP, not so much).

Bunneh, I can agree, I enjoy Horde more :D

23-06-2007, 08:53 AM
I started out playing alliance on Ravencrest, since that's where my brother played. Tried a couple of classes at first, settled for a nelf priest. Leveled to 60, joined a fairly hardcore raid guild. Did MC, ZG and BWL up to Nefarian and got tired.

Time for a switch, I thought. Found a random server and made myself a shaman. It was only going to be an alt I thought. When I hit the 20s, I met some really nice people, joined their guild and leveled to 60. At 60 our guild wasn't doing any raiding, so I started pvp'ing where I met Semilodare, Stinkfoot, Kaxx and all the others. After having played with them on a regular basis, I joined Asgard and started raiding with them as well.

Now, I feel at home not only as a horde, but on this server. I even managed to recruit my brother, my girlfriend, my brothers girlfriend and another friend of ours to come to the dark side and start playing at SSE. So now we are one happy family. The only thing that bugs me is the horde-alliance ratio. Would've been fun to have some even Halaa fights now and again.

28-06-2007, 09:25 AM
Well, I started as a Troll Rogue...

My cousin Chiz had bought the game a week before me so we had tested what classes was fun. He had started a hunter and leveled him to level 9, and we thought "Where is the pet?" so he started a Troll Rogue with a pink mohawk instead.

Then I though "Rogues have can have guns! And Trolls are tall!" and rolled a Troll Rogue with a green mohawk(important). I leveled as a subtlety rogue with a grey dagger in main hand till level 30 before Zhaman said "Get a new dagger and stop spamming Sinister strike Nub!" I leveled from level 1 till level 40 or something in a guild called "Reapers of the Horde" created by my friends. After i hit 40 the others joined Divine Retribution and i followed them. Lots of nice people in there to level with. I hit 60 and joined Contempt when all my friend again changed guild. Contempt was a pure danish guild and it was great, lots of nice people and some sick humor we had :D. We raided in the alliance known as FTH and grew some decent epix. The alliance came to a grinding hold and I joined the new guild Emerge formed by all the guilds from the FTH alliance. Emerge wasn't meant to be and it fell apart over the summer. My friends joined Hive and I followed like i was used to. Hive was a nice bunch, a big bunch. They could have like 3 40 man raids going and still have people for replacements. When TBC hit i joined the reforged Contempt, once again with my friends. Contempt wasn't the same as before, many of the original members had come back from retirement, but many stayed away or quit again soon thereafter. Contempt lasted until most of us hit 70 at which point it was closed again. We got an offer we couldn't refuse, being accepted into Lastara. So me and my friends joined Lastara, a choice that im glad we did. Lots of fine folks in there and to add to the top of the mix we have a good raiding enviroment.

I have always been horde, and im planning to stay that way.

29-06-2007, 03:25 PM
I'm not happy horde.
I wish I was alliance

30-06-2007, 08:22 AM

30-06-2007, 09:08 AM
Heh, I have a pretty opposite story :P I joined horde looking for a new start, to get away from the stresses I had gotten myself into.. Someone always needed something from me.. I got to level 70 on horde but found myself lonely.. I had alot of friends whom I really like, but I missed my old friends back on Alliance. There on people on Alliance ive been playing with since I started raiding (many eons ago :P) and I realised although I liked the new friends I had made (or people such as Elexin and Akrea who I got to talk to more) I just wasn't prepared to give up my friends in Twilight and all the others I have known...


30-06-2007, 08:26 PM
And now as an ex-hordie you spy our forums and read our deepest thoughts? >:-(

Heh I'm happy that you've found your home though :)

01-07-2007, 11:42 AM
I started as Alliance, a nelf druid called Onodan. Joined my first guild at level 20, 'Guards of the Moon'. I think there was about 4 people in it and I was the highest! Left at 41 and then at 44 I applied and was accepted into Ancarim Iron Legion. A much better guild and great people (good times). I hit 60 and started raiding with them but when The guild had just started MC, I had to stop playing for a while and by the time I could play again, I realised that they would have moved on so maybe a fresh start would be better.
I rolled an UD rogue called Jachyra to see what the 'evil' side was like and I really enjoyed the maturity of the majority of people. I Joined The Shadow Legion at level 9 and havent looked back since.

Horde is where it's at!