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View Full Version : Nice math

24-02-2007, 07:53 PM
So tanks and snared pvp warriors get rage from damage taken and now I started calculating things.. according to For Taking Damage (both pre and post expansion):
Rage Gained = (Damage Taken) / (Rage Conversion at Your Level) * 2.5
with Rage Conversion at level 70: 274.7
Looks like this: to gain a 100 rage (equal to full caster manabar at the beggining of a fight) a l70 warrior should take a beating of 10988 damage >_> Duh...

24-02-2007, 08:35 PM
In pvp that might give me a full ragebar, but kill me at the same time :P

Gotta keep in mind that in pvp you get rage from giving damage aswell, well also in pve but I dont think thats the issue here :)

Oh and what about damage migation etc etc ? Thats not included in this math is it ?

24-02-2007, 08:38 PM
I guess mitigation doesn't count in that case. It's just lose 10988 hp being damaged in any way to gain 100 rage (ofc there're some more moves to gain rage). Losing such number of hp is obviously not an option for PvP, so if you fight someone you can't hit for rage (hello rogues, mages, hunters) you are in trouble. I wonder still what amounts of healing from priests do tanks soak who manage to have rage all the time and hit for shit damage (like 3-5 rage) D: I'd like have some higher number here, coz taking 3000hp shot from far away makes you have 27,3 rage - not even enough for MS/BT.