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View Full Version : Looking for Guild (And looking for Guild leader (optional))

05-02-2007, 12:02 PM

I am like, the only, apart from a very few select others, one left (and a bit active) from Ordo Malleus.

Due to some troubles over and over again, I have decided to close down Ordo Malleus. Only about 1-2 peoples are online on a regular basis, well.. that is just boring, recruiting new members is not an option, since I am no born leader and no others are regular enough to lead the guild.

So, I am also looking for a new home. I am not really looking for a "hardcore" raiding guild nor for a "hardcore" PVP guild. Just a regular guild who do a few runs occasionally and would like to adopt a lvl 60rogue. (+alts?)

Also, if possible to "merge" our left-over-guildys in to this new guild would be a nice plus too.

As long as it is an active guild. And prefered english speaking peoples ;-)

Still sad that I have to do this, Ordo Malleus has been on the server since the beginning. Lochian and Lochar started Gaudeat Vincimus which after a few months reformed to Ordo malleus. Is closing down, for good.
Unless someone else would like to take up leadership over an old guild.