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View Full Version : A proper goodbye

29-10-2006, 06:16 PM
Arrgh, can't I leave you kids alone for just 2 weeks?

After returning from my vacation & finding no raid and abysmal piles of flames on SSE, I felt sad. OTD was the focus of my gaming life for well over a year. I couldn't find a way to continue playing without laying my beloved raid to rest first. Took a couple of days, but I finally thought of a way to do it.

So here's a proper eulogy. My last act as OTD's PR troll. Sorry for the wall of text.


So what happened? In short, TBC.

After our second C'thun kill - you know, the 'real' kill, first one can always be a fluke - we looked at what's left. We had written off Naxx in order to finish up AQ first, only breezing through there once a week to slap a certain Instructor around a bit. Now Naxx was a natural next target.

Then TBC news came out. Comign soon. Imba gear. Stuff like that. Any loot to be had from present instances suddenly dropped quite a lot in it's value. And, even worse - with TBC close, we stood to miss Naxx with some of game's best designed encounters. After all, what fun would it be to do Naxx at 70?

So leadership decided to call AQ40 quits. After all, we had 'beaten' it. Spending two raid days on the place sounded a real waste. Full focus on Naxx, hit it like we mean it, fast and hard. Much glory to be gained for both horde and OTD.

Wrong. While we recievied many comments/whispers to the tune of 'I really, really want [Random C'thun Drop], but screw it, focus on Naxx sounds cool', there were a surprising amount of 'I spent all that gold/time on AQ40, I want the rewards'. Sadly, with members of our officer core as most vocal proponents of said cause.

I personally was... shocked. Rewards? The kills _were_ the rewards, weren't they? Why demand the raid supports your personal quest for a piece of loot that's diminishing in value with every moment of TBC drawing nearer? Why sacrifice our last months on 60 farming already beaten content? Why skip Naxx & all the wipey fun it promised?

Oh well. That real eye-opener was the current state of things when this troll left for his vacation. What happened next took me quite a while to paste together from various pieces of intel I managed to gather. Signs dropped, internal strife worsened. That's pretty much it, actually. OTD neared implosion.

We had been working on a plan to move to 7-raid weeks come TBC, to give our current raiding base a maximum chance of participation, and to not screw our long-standing members over. Well... no wonder that plan now seemed superfluous. Akronimia moved on his backup plan, simply purging us of exceedingly casual casuals, general malcontents, and people who'd risk our unity putting loot above progression. Time enough to rebuild strength, maybe still manage to to some of the fun things?

Ak's a charismatic leader, but he made one simple mistake - forgot run his plans by his, uhm, managers. So the guild remake was horribly mismanaged. OS was stillborn. The less said about that the better.


Now for the eulogy part.

OTD kicked ass. We had the best-geared, best-trained raider core hordeside has ever seen. At our best, we could do _anything_. Hell, we took C'thun on our second week on him. With what, 4-5 pieces of 'Naxx gear'? ;)

Our best DPSers were relentless minmaxers. They had forgotten more about aggro management than your average player will ever learn.

Our healers knew how to manage their mana pools and overheals. They jumped effortlessly between healing targets, even switching to a certain rogue who felt the need to tank sometimes.

Our tanks held aggro. Magnificiently, as required by our DPS output. We had the best tanks on hordeside pass through our ranks, or grow into their job in-house.

Our officers worked hard. Some publicly, some in background, but all tried to put in the extra effort needed. Trust me, I spent quite a lot of time in /o... the amount of drama we played through in our closed circle and thus kept from spilling out on raid was immense ;)

And our guildmaster, Akronimia. You'd have to go far to find another person so dedicated to his raid. Pretty much taking on a full second job keeping the things ticking along. When you judge him, don't only think of his one single big mistake... think about the long time the raid worked just fine, and understand that it was him making sure it's that way. All the time, day after bloody day.

Any raid should consider itself lucky to bolster their teams with some of our people. Hope most of you find a new place to hang out. Don't take raid's failure too hard, life goes on, and your friends are still around somewhere.

Thank you for healing me, tanking for me and dpsing alongside me. Thank you for repeadedly giving me the thrills of a first kill. And thank you for not lynching me over the DKP & loot systems, I tried my best ;)

Always remember that one time that best showed me what OTD was about: Both us and FTH had been stuck on Firemaw for weeks. Suddenly news came in - FTH kills Firemaw. FTH kills Ebonroc. FTH kills Flamegor. Bloody hell, FTH kills Chromaggus... Our signups doubled, everyone went apeshit preparing, and by next reset we had taken first % off Nef in second phase. We kicked dragon ass.

Please remember OTD how it was, that one kickass Horde raid eveyone loved to hate.

Keep doing them magical last tries.

R.I.P, Ordo Templi Draconis.


With this piece of writing I can finally lay down my OTD officer's job. I'd have said all this and much more on OTD's forum, but someone banned me from there while I was on vacation. Thanks for thinking me dangerous enough to warrant that ;)


Oh, and:

60 rogue LFG