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View Full Version : AEP and SC +energy stat bonus

20-10-2006, 01:14 PM
Hi folks,

After having had my rogue a bit on the shelf, I'm now getting together a nice collection of blues (dont raid, cant be arsed with the scheduling).

I use the AEP rating of items as a rough indicator for my default set and am a bit thoughtful regarding the SC set bonus 'chance to restore 35 energy'. I know SC as such is nothing grand (and have Wyrm shoulders, Bracers of eclipse, Abyssal leggings of striking as well as most SC parts) but how do I factor in the energy bonus? I have only found one AEP source on the topic (on shadowpanther, link below) and it rates the +energy bonus at 30aep, which seems pretty high to me.

Basically I'm trying to figure whether to, at this point, go for 6 SC parts +2 other (and get the +energy bonus) or settle with the + 40 AP bonus @ 4 SC parts, some darkmantle+other.

All input is welcome, figure based as well as experience based.


01-11-2006, 04:17 AM
i wouldnt bother with darkmantle if were u, its a pain to get, aswell as damn expensive, and when u get their its not that great either. if u hav a guild behind u with good well equiped players then by all means, but a 45min baron run, and 5 man ubrs, doesnt seem worth it, spend ure time/money elsewhere.

i rol 4 pieces of shadowcraft at the mo, some zg stuff, and im runnin MC for nightslayer.

eventhough, as soon as TBC is out, nightslayer is gonna be made redundant by lvl 61 q item blues.